I am not a leader of men, since I prefer to follow. Do you think I could have a drink, since it's so hard to swallow

It appears though I have taken a major leadership role with my return to regular postings. (Who knew I had such influence).

Colby Cosh finally returned to posting after an 8 day hiatus a mere 100 minutes after I "broke the seal" with Post #300.

Now ABFreedom has posted after an 8 day hiatus.

Even Mike Jenkinson got into the act. Hell, even Lorne Gunter has started this heavy posting thing.

Naturally, we will ignore that the last two started posting before Post #300 over here. (We can safely do that, as the influence over the first two examples is more than impressive enough). We also will sweep under the rug that this all coincides with the return of lousy weather.

Speaking of Nickelback while we're here, I see that again frontman Chad Kroeger has been charged with drunk driving. He was arrested in late June, bu the charges were being held or suspended or whatever the Lotuslanders call it. It seems the charges have now been filed. No word if this is all just an effort to jump on the Mel Gibson bandwagon. Matthew Good comes across as a really really creepy Jew sometimes...