FOX Sports teaching us about sandwiches

During the LA Dodgers-Washington Nationals game on right now, they just showed an images from the Dodger Stadium offshoot of Phillipes, the iconic Los Angeles restaurant.

And then into a discussion about the origins of the French Dip sandwich. It's awfully weird seeing them show babies in the LA crowd and not have Vin Scully commenting on them. But as for this sandwich, they went on about it for several minutes. You have to feel sorry for Dodger batters Olmedo Saenz and Andre Ethier, who were up at the plate and struck out and flied out (on 2-2 and 3-1 counts respectively) with no notice while the announcers went on about sandwiches. They discussed the 0-2 groundout by Russel Martin, and then back to showing images of Phillipes in Dodger Stadium. Jon Rauch also got no mention of his middle relief work. Poor bastard.

Hmm, James Loney is now in place at 1B to start the 8th inning. You remember him, right? I showed him to you before anybody knew of him. I then of course gloated about it.