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North Korea fired Taepodong missile which failed

Conspiracy theorists are guessing that the "failure" was American interference. Who can tell, eh?

Update, 3:49pm: This article has slightly different claims. In fact, the number and type of missiles launched varies from report to report, some claiming no long-range Tap-2 missiles were launched, others claming one was along with 2 Scuds.

Update, 3:54pm: A friend of mine has the following insight on the details:

  • so them crazy zipperheads launched that long range missile, but it failed in midflight (ie the states shot it down, lol)
  • You never heard the whole news??? North Korea had readied a long range missile capable of hitting the U.S. They were going to "test launch" it.
  • However, the States weren't going to have none of that and said they would shoot it down. NK said if the States shot it down, they would retaliate with a full out nuclear attack.
    how would they ever prove the failure wasn't from the States actually shooting it down.
  • How would the public respond if the States intentionally downed it? It allows the NK to save face and not have to live up to their promise to strike back with a nuclear response.
  • They have 11 sites, and 50% succes rate each time a missile was tested. Launch all 11 and you knock that success rate likely up to just about 100%
  • Not every American is a fan of the missile defense shield, even if it successfully knocked this one out of the air
  • NK suck at farming, public policy, foreign policy, international trade, etc. The one and only thing they spend money on and excel at is international displays of "military might". They wouldn'tve built a dud.
  • Any and every engineer and scientist knows they would've been publicly executed for humiliating the North Korean military. They would've checked, double-checked and triple-checked.
  • it also looks better to the American public that "North Korea" can't even get a missile right, so don't worry about them! That curries more favor than admitting that their missile shield knocked it off.

Update, July 7 2006 8:30pm: ABFreedom has a posting up on this topic as well. Ditto Western Standard Shotgun, Shotgun again, Small Dead Animals, Daimnation, and Steve Janke of Angry in the Great White North.


sevenpointman said...

Star wars hoax !
Put your money in stocks of military contractors making
defense shields for Japan and China.

sevenpointman said...

The United states has not produced a strategic nuclear weapon in a very long while. But has produced tactical nuclear weapons, done research on weapons in space, has built bunker-busting bombs that were tested with a nuclear missile's tolerance, during the Bush regime trashed agreements on disarmament with Russia and the Ukraine, turned a blind eye to the network of A.Q. Khan's nuclear supermarket, protected Israel's massive nuclear blackmail with nuclear threats to it's neighbors, supplied nuclear technology to India, worked on subcontracted programs for China that were retrofited to it's nuclear schemes, produced thousands of tons of depleted uranium that was used to kill, maim and poison whole populations, blocked negotiations on removing China's stored nuclear weapons on the Tibetan frontier, has consistently refused inspections of it's stockpiles, and has done nothing to stop the transportation of nuclear waste from one location to another through areas with large densities of population.


Which parent do you relate to more: the rational,
perceptive and gregarious father concerned with
progressive imagination and a sense of peace and justice, or the proto-fascist mother who should be locked up for libel and mental constipation?

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Er, after that big long comment I make on the tennis thread I was somewhat shocked to come to this one and find you'd already done so.