Why only $400, Ralph?

In 2001 (5 years ago) Alberta's population was 2,962,664. 2.3 million cheques have been going out. What gives?

After all, one of my complaints about this money is that it is going to too many people, and there isn't enough money. I don't have time to crunch the numbers today, but imagine what the payoff would be if the money only went to people who paid income tax. Imagine if it was only to people who had lived in Alberta at least since 2001 (ideally I would say resided in Alberta since December 1999). Imagine too if it was simply an income tax deduction and avoiding all these bank cash shortages and petty purchases. Imagine finally if the full value of the surplus if all $8.7 billion in surplus, rather than merely $1.4 billion (or even say $6 billion with the rest going to road building or something) was used.

Instead, 7 year old girls, 2003 Pakistani immigrants, and people who collect welfare or pay no income tax are getting awash with the same $400 I get, a strong Albertan (and Alberta Separatist no less) who's lived here my entire life and loses 40% of his measly wage to Paul Martin's tax hikes. It's bull. Somebody please run the numbers for me....