Happy Birthday, Melon Collie

The legendary double album from the Smashing Pumpkins was released 25 years ago today. The UK saw the release 25 years ago today, Canada and the USA 25 years ago tomorrow.


Why Andy Dick in Edmonton proves Donald Trump right

It was about four years ago now that the infamous "Trump locker room audio" was the big story. I didn't get around to commenting on this before the 2016 election, but you know what they say, better late than never. If you've forgotten, the big thing that gets feminist harpies panties in a twist is this quote:

Trump: "Yeah that's her with the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know I'm automatically attracted to beautiful... I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait. And when you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything."

Bush: "Whatever you want."

Trump: "Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything."

Now the first thing a rational person does is notice how Trump subtley has moved from the first person to the second person. He goes from "I just start kissing them" to "You can do anything" which comes after the imperative sentence: "grab them by the pussy". Imperative sentenes always default to second person, but even if they don't Trump helpfully says "you can do anything" both before and after using it. For all the leftists who insist this proves Trump grabs women by the pussy (remember leftists are never the 'rational people' referred to earlier), it really doesn't. The only ballsy move Trump explicitly refers to himself doing is "I just start kissing them".

Have you ever used the "just start kissing them" move? I have. Lots of people have. It's a good move. You're on a third or fourth date with a pretty girl, there's clearly some chemistry and awkward pauses, and you use one of those pauses to lay one on her. The consent fetishers go nuts by even suggesting it, but it's not exactly an unheard of manoeuvre. Hell, Princess Leia did it to Luke. I just rewatched National Treasure last week and Ben Gates gives one to Abigail. I'm sure if you went through movie kisses before the woke era you'd find at least half of the men's first move was just the sudden kiss.

The second thing our rational non-leftist will notice is that what's Trump's talking about isn't what he does or what Billy Bush does or even what he's ssying male celebrities do. It's instead what celebrities are being allowed to do. It's pussy-grabbing in the passive voice.

Which brings us to Andy Dick.

Yes, that Andy Dick.

In April of 2005, Andy Dick performed at Yuk Yuk's in what at the time was it's new Fort Road location. It didn't go well: he exposed his cock onstage and was booted out the door. This was his second show on Friday April 1st, his shows on April 2nd ultimately ended up being cancelled. What wasn't reported in the news, and as far as I know I'm the one first reporting this story to the world (15 years late, which is still faster than it took the Edmonton Journal to learn about the National Energy Program), is that after his comedy show was cancelled due to complaints he ended up on Whyte Avenue.

That night I'm out for drinks with Martok and Chang, specifically on the main floor of the Black Dog Freehouse. Who should show up but one Dick, Andy? Quite intoxicated and probably in a mood after being shit-canned from Yuk Yuk's, Andy Dick proceeds to go around the bar...and grab women by the pussy. And guys by their cock. As he goes from patron to patron he locks lips with them and starts to fondle them. In other words, he "just starts kissing them". "Like a magnet". He doesn't "even wait". And most of the people at Black Dog literally let him do it.

Eventually Chang of all people is the one who disrupts his Hollywood party by starting a chant of "Andy Dick sucks dick" which probably played a small role in him leaving the bar. But despite his behaviour and his intoxication he wasn't touched by a bouncer. "You can do anything" Trump said.

He was right. This of course is why the celebrity-obsessed left had to go through such pantomime moral preening: Trump had spoken a truth which they hoped would stay hidden. Celebrity culture has really left us with a two-tiered notion of right and wrong: when Ru Paul thinks he's a woman and parades his ugly ass in a dress we're supposed to applaud. What they do is always implicitly accepted, and if thousands of years of moral law and human decency say otherwise the celebrity wins out in the end. Ironically the ones who hate Trump the most for being a beneficiary of this policy are the sames ones who day after day live it.

Andy Dick does suck dick. But he in his own way reminded us that Donald Trump is right a hell of a lot more than he's ever wrong.



Remember, my preferred personal pronoun is "Better Than Any Faggot" and it's illegal in Canada to "misgender" me by referring to me by anything else.


Another Red Indian savage

Relatives in Wetaskawin have heard that he's from there, and that is that he's holed up on the Hobemma Reserve right now evading the cops.
Bluffton, Alberta – At 6:20 a.m. today, Rimbey RCMP responded to a complaint of an armed robbery at the Bluffton City General Store. At 6:05 a.m., a male suspect failed to pay for his gas and grocery purchases. When confronted outside, the suspect fired a shot from what is believed to a small calibre firearm which struck the store clerk. The clerk was transported to a hospital with a non life-threatening injury.

Update, October 23 2020, 2:04pm: Suspect Brian Daniel Spence was arrested in Ohaton:

AT 10:15 a.m. on October 20, Wetaskiwin/Camrose RCMP became aware that Brian Spence was in a stolen vehicle near Ohaton, Alta. The stolen vehicle broke down and Spence fled on foot. Several RCMP resources were deployed to contain the area he was in, and to locate him. Police Dog Services (PDS) and the RCMP helicopter provided assistance.

A significant track by PDS led to the RCMP locating Spence hiding in an outbuilding on a farm property. A high risk arrest was conducted and he was taken into custody. At the time of his arrest, Spence was wanted as well on an arrest warrant issued for Killam Detachment.

The truck that Spence was travelling in was stolen from Vegreville on October 19.

For his actions connected to the armed robbery, Spence is facing six criminal charges including aggravated assault and robbery.


What about kids who don't want to become parole officers?

Remember: these far-left lunatics are teaching children their lies.

Today's candidate is named Renee Ouellette, a recent graduate in the fake degree known as "Native Studies", who made a "Cree language education package" that doesn't include phrases the modern Red Indian actually needs like "what hours of the day is this rural farm with the valuables in the garage unattended?" but instead the word for "carrot" and "apple".

By now I'm sure you've notice one of the problems. Carrots were totally unknown in Alberta until the white man showed up: while the plants themselves originated in Iran they became popular due to their consumption in Europe. The Europeans (like Columbus, who we celebrated earlier this week) who discovered America brought carrots with them.

But that's actual real history, not myth-making lies taught by "educators" so stupid they actually believe this:

We are on Treaty 6 land and it’s important for people to understand the stories, history and culture with the people who first inhabited this land.
The "this is Treaty 6 land" is of course nonsense, we've established this before. But if Renee is really interested in "the history and culture" of Red Indians than "carrot" shouldn't be on the list. Any Cree who grows carrots is in fact culturally appropriatng Iranian culture. A fatwa upon them.


President Trump is 10,000 times better than any Hollywood star. Now we can prove it.

Editors Note: this post was written in October 2017 but for some reason ended up stuck in draft status. As a result, 3 years to the day after it was supposed to go online we have reposted it as-is.

Do you stay calm, keep smiling and carry on as if he weren't repeatedly invading your space? Or do you turn, look him in the eye, and say loudly and clearly, 'Back up, you creep. Get away from me. I know you love to intimidate women, but you can't intimidate me, so back up.

Maybe not, huh?

This week Hollywood is (belatedly) lining up to denounce the man that they tacitly praised back when they didn't think you'd ever find out about what they always knew he did. The Hildebeast is shocked and appalled that what she knew Harvey Weinstein did has now been exposed. Kevin Smith is ashamed that the man he happily cashed cheques from is now publicly acknowledged to do what Kevin Smith has always known he did.

You may think I'm exaggerating. Nope. Kevin Smith's pal Matt Damon was one of the two A-list actors who pressured the New York Times to drop a story about his "well-known" abuses in 2004. "Progressive" twits like Seth MacFarlane and Tina Fey are now desperately trying to backtrack and claim their jokes were coded attacks. C-list actresses talk about how they were warned about Weinstein, yet nobody bothered to speak out. A-list actresses like Rose McGowan, Gwynneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, and Ashley Judd turn out to have been sexually assaulted by Weinstein.

Going back to the Hillary Clinton thing above, do these names sound vaguely familiar to you? They should. October 7 2016, almost exactly a year ago, Rose McGowan said "filthy" in response to media mis-reporting of an old Donald Trump audiotape. You know which audiotape of course.
I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know I'm automatically attracted to beautiful—I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. I don't even wait. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

Grab 'em by the pussy. You can do anything
The problem now is the same thing as the problem then, of course.
  1. Trump is mostly just talking up his game, seeing how earlier he admitted that he pushed to try to sleep with a woman and she wasn't interested in him. He didn't "just grab her by the pussy", he took her furniture shopping and struck out.
  2. Everything that Trump said was absolutely true. In fact, Rose McGowan has basically just admitted it.
That's really the thing to take from the contrast between Trump (who was never accused of sexual assault until the exact millisecond he started to become a credible threat to occupy the White House at which point Hollywood and the media ganged up on him) and Weinstein (who was endlessly being accused of sexual assault dating back a decade and a half but always had Hollywood and the media make the allegations go away): Hollywood leftists are projecting again. They're always projecting. Mark Steyn has just noted that Weinstein was the main voice for the Roman Polanski petition. When faced with a man who actually raped women, the Hollywood Left fall over themselves. When Trump makes a comment, it's proof if his crimes.


Giving Thanks to Christopher Columbus

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada, Columbus Day in America.

Down south, leftists have been very aggressive in trying to defame Columbus as some sort of evil slaveholder who destroyed the peaceful people who were here since time immemorial.

Martok a few years ago was talking with one of the "good Indians" as the old phrase goes: a guy who rejects this #IdleNoMore nonsense and wants to be realistic about what would have happened to North America without Columbus sailing the ocean blue in 1492.

Do Red Indians today really believe that it was only a unique "evil" of white Europeans that led to the lands they (now) claim as their own being seized by a colonial power expanding across the earth? Yes, though this really makes no sense on the face of it. For starters, over at L'Anse Aux Meadow there was already a European port being built (but ultimately abandoned). Meanwhile the Vikings routinely were sailing to Labrador to cut down trees as late as the 1400s, so it's not like if only that crazy Columbus hadn't believed the world was round and sat still in Portugal, nobody would have come out this way and the Red Indians would be sitting pretty all by their little lonesome.

In case you were unaware, by the way, Columbus didn't sail to prove the world was a sphere. That's been known since the dawn of sail, and the radius was even first calculated by Eratosthenes around 200BC. However there was some scholarly disagreement about how to turn Eratosthenes' stradia into feet which led to two different calculations of the Earth: Columbus belonged to the Ptolemy camp that believed his measurements were an 18000 mile circumference. As the American Physical Society remarks, had Columbus known the 25000 mile number he wouldn't have risked the trip.

Eventually somebody would have come out this way. Even if you presumed that Europeans didn't ever dare cross the impenetrable ocean in wooden sailing ships, did you think they would stay on the east side of the Atlantic even after (inevitably) building iron steamships? Eventually even without finding North America we would end up orbiting the earth and somebody might just remark "hey, look at that big continent in the middle of what we thought was an unending ocean from Liverpool to Tokyo".

But getting back to the aforementioned good Indian, his question to his kin was what they expected would happen when their stone aged society was found by a far more powerful and far more advanced civilization that came across them. There are a small number of "unconnected" tribes, but even then we're talking about people who don't chat with their more advanced neighbours rather than being totally isolated and unaffected by them: if no European settlers ever went north of Helena or west of Winnipeg and instead simply engaged in long-distance fur trading Red Indians would still be a nomadic people not ever really occupying any land. Face it, when other cultures discovered there was a lot of (essentially empty) land and resources they would be coming for them.

As it was, Canada was discovered by the British. While these days the Brits are scoffed at as "imperialist colonizers" in reality that was pretty much the best possible country to show up here: they made (and, despite the lies of activists, honoured the terms of) treaties even though in reality the tribes who they signed with had little or no actual claim over much of the land they were supposedly signing over. Unlike the French who slaughtered every Beothuk they could find in Newfoundland, or the Spanish who were notoriously bloodthirsty in southern and central America and within 50 years of Columbus had conquered the entire southern continent.

In fairness to the Spanish, they also had by far the more powerful and entrenched 'indigenous' populations to deal with. The Incas and Aztec were actual societies and while not technologically civilized they at least had a rudimentary legal system and standing army.

But what the good Indian brought up, which rarely gets discussed, is what if the Europeans never made it here at all? I sort of discussed this above, but only our own Euro-centrism makes us think of Europe solely the entity that would have made it out here. If there was some imagined cultural block of the Europeans sailing the Atlantic, that still doesn't count the other ocean. I mentioned Tokyo earlier and it wasn't by accident. What if, instead of being found by white Europeans, it was instead found by the yellow Japanese?

Japan was a fair bit behind the Europeans in naval technology and the Pacific is a more formidable ocean, so they weren't sailing it in 1492, or probably even 1592 (the Sengoku period ended in between 1560 and 1615 and that cultural change was also motivated by Europeans discovering Japan: we probably shouldn't allow for that contact in our imaginary world). The Edo period from 1603-1868 would likely be when a no-contact Japan started moving out into the world. While the real Edo period was socially isolationist, if everywhere south and west they sailed other cultures were found it would make sense to sail east. The coastal warships would be evolved into more rugged blue water units that would sail into Hawaii and the Aleutian Islands, and discover in both locations a primitive non-Japanese society that could be conquered easily, and viciously. Continuing east to the Pacific Coast of Canada and the United States they would discover a wild open and untapped wilderness ripe for the taking...with a few pesky non-Japanese tribes (basically Mongolians) to be eliminated. Violently.

If you didn't already know, here's a chart of how the Japanese consider other races. Note that their view of whites is coloured (to borrow a term) by how much whites have been able to culturally and technologically compete with them. Those Portuguese sailing ships and Spanish galleons arriving in Nagasaki 450 years ago are the only reason whites are with "everybody else".

Ask Korea or China or Indonesia or any other asian non-Japanese race if you don't believe me. The Japanese would consider the Red Indians as far beneath them as the Red Indians consider dogs, and with much the same ultimate fate: vicious and violent attacks that were not aimed at simply conquering territory but indeed obliterating the backwards non-Japanese people that were living there. Anybody below about 700 on that scale would be not worth keeping around. And since the Red Indians would still be a primitive stone aged people in 1750 without contact with the outside world, those same Japanese armies showing up in ever-increasing number wouldn't rest until they hunted down and removed every single shred of non-Japanese.

So whenever some crazed activist wants to rail about Columbus, remind them of the alternative: an entire continent being wiped out as efficiently as the Beothuk had been. South America might have been a different story, and the entire east coast might have ended up being a race as news of Japan's find reached Europe, but any Red Indians in Alberta owe their very existence today to Christopher Columbus and his discovery of...well...almost America...


The Soup Theory

From Commenter PlusUltra at The Z Blog:

Soup is the last stand of implicit White identity.

It is the final bulwark against the forces of darkness. Throughout the ages, soup has aided the white race in our endeavors of conquest and exploration. Across every frontier, soup has been by our side. From the coldest tundras to the hottest deserts and the muddiest of trenches, soup has been our saving grace in the great racial struggle. Its nutrients have provided us with the energy needed to stand at the apex of mankind.

But because we’ve turned our back on her, we’ve become as ordinary and weak as any other race. If we are to stand once again at the forefront of human progress, strength and conquest, we must once again make soup the cornerstone of our diets

In all honesty though I don't buy it. I mean literally, I don't typically buy soups. I'm not one of these people who opens a can of cream of broccolli in order to make a baked chicken. I laugh at the soup and lentils guy at the Whyte Ave Farmers Market (I don't think he's there this year but he is at the St. Albert one).

Is there a food that could be called the "final bulwark against the forces of darkness"? No, probably not. Is there a drink that could say the same? Probably not, but "shitty unflavoured vodka" is probably the correct answer.


Quick question for Jason Isaacs

Do you also support the death penalty for attempted murder? Jacob Blake, by the way, would qualify.

 How about manslaughter?

 Actual murder? 

Strangely enough, this is the first time the actor has ever endorsed capital punishment. It's illuminating to see how these fascists think.


I (heart) Residential Schools

Today is "Orange Shirt Day", when whiny far-left Red Indian activists try to make it sound like the Residential School system was a bad thing.

This is, of course, based entirely on a lie. Residential schools, in case you didn't already know, were simply how the British took it upon themsleves to exercise their treaty mandate of providing primitive savages with an advanced technical and cultural education. In fact, it was based on a system of education that, while considered horrible by modern "educators" who can't teach Johnny to read in a mere 12 years, was one of the main drivers of British exceptionalism around the globe: specifically boarding schools.

As this history of boarding schools in Britain and Canada notes:

When Thomas Hughes wrote Tom Brown’s School Days in the 1830s, he used Rugby School as the setting, a school that his readers would have seen as strikingly modern. As he admitted at the time, Hughes created the characters of Tom and Dr. Arnold to illustrate how to live a good life and, by analogy, how to build a great nation. All the classic elements of the boarding school novel were there: students mentoring each other, a strong and empathetic teacher, sports and, inevitably, bullying and corporal punishment. With the help of friends and the advice of Dr. Arnold, Tom defeats the bully and becomes a mentor himself. He doesn’t cheat on homework, he plays cricket, and life goes on. What would have struck early readers aren’t the things that strike us today. Corporal punishment, for example, would have seemed familiar, and not at all specific to boarding school.

Indeed, corporal punishment was still a part of public schools in Alberta into the 1990s. And there's of course nothing really wrong with that...spare the rod and spoil the child etc. etc 

Meanwhile boarding schools are away from home.

So already the two big "issues" that Red Indians and their far-left toys in the CBC always drum up ("abuse" and "ripping children from their families") isn't something at all unique to the Residential Schools: they were a common feature in the most advanced education system on the planet at the time. Indeed, this system was mirrored relatively closely in other British colonies: New Zealand, Australia, America, and India.

India provides an interesting case: in that country as well primitive non-whites were put into the British boarding school system...and thrived. Why do you think everything from your computer support line to your Revenue Canada phone scams are originating from over there? Given that IQs follow race more than country of origin, it's impressive that India is doing as strongly with their racial makeup as they are. Who to thank for that? British education.

It didn't "take" with Red Indians for some reason. We leave it up to the reader to figure out why on earth that might be.