Congratulations Vice President Nigger!

Camel-a Harris is one "dog-petting accident" away from the Oval Office.

(yes, all the old jokes are new again)

Billy Crystal mildly repudiates evil faggots, the left goes nuts

Editor's Note: this post, originally scheduled to publish on January 20th 2015, got caught up in draft status. As a result, here is the post a mere five years late (with the YoungCons link replaced with the Wayback archived version...as yet another conservative blog has been vanished).

On Monday, Billy Crystal said what a lot more people are thinking that the chattering classes are prepared to admit.
“Sometimes, it’s just pushing it a little too far for my taste and I’m not going to reveal to you which ones they are,” Crystal said while promoting his new show, The Comedians, which premieres April 9. “I hope people don’t abuse it and shove it in our face … to the point where it feels like an every day kind of thing.”
That's all he said. It wasn't even particularly strong. He just said that sodomites are in-your-face and pushing their agenda down the viewer's throats.

He didn't even say he was against it. That puts his repudiation of fudge packing on less of a rhetorical footing than the New York Times' support for free speech. And while the NY Times got in no serious trouble from its well-connected supporters, even when it doubled down, Billy Crystal was immediately pilloried by the usual excitable collection of faggots.

Fortunately, the comments section on the National Post comment section features lots of examples of right-thinking people who are still willing to speak out against uranists,

YoungCons provides a lot of quality commentary on this issue as well.
With homosexuals only making up three percent of the population, why is Hollywood aggressively shoving these explicit scenes between two members of the same sex in front of our eyes?

To normalize the behavior, to desensitize people to it to such an extent that they no longer think it’s strange or goes against the natural order of things.

He solves the problem in his last sentence

The Globe and Mail's John Ibbitson on why FakePresident Biden is cancelling KeystoneXL:

Miss Donald Trump yet?

Transition documents suggest that Joe Biden plans to rescind the permit to construct the Keystone XL pipeline as one of his first acts as U.S. president. This would be a blow not only to Canada’s oil and gas sector, but to relations between the two countries in the wake of the disastrous Trump presidency.

And it will strain national unity, once it becomes clear that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is prepared to surrender on Keystone while still fighting tooth-and-nail to win an exemption from the Biden administration’s Buy American initiative, which would harm manufacturers in Ontario and Quebec.
Of course he has to start (for the sake of the Globe and Mail editors) by telling typical leftist lies about Donald J. Trump. The "disastrous Trump presidency" doesn't bother Modi or Bibi or BoJo or all sorts of mature and reasonable world leaders or even Merkel and Macron for that matter: only for retarded babies like the Shiny Pony and his sycophants.
Western separatists are wrong to assert that the Liberals don’t care about the region’s interests – the Trudeau government was so committed to the Trans Mountain pipeline it bought the company. But the first priority of any federal government, Liberal or Conservative, is going to be preserving jobs in Central Canada, where most people live. That’s simply the way of the world.
If your question in that paragraph is "what did Ibbitson get wrong" the better question is "did he get anything right"? Shiny Pony didn't buy the pipeline to "commit to it", he bought it to destroy it. It's standard procedure for evil leftists:
If the priority of federal governments were preserving jobs "where most people live", that stopped being Central Canada a generation ago: the population outside the "Golden Triangle" of Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto exceeded the population within it while Preston Manning was Leader of the Opposition. Manufacturing has been whittling away in Central Canada -- Biden's old nigger boss was a big proponent of that remember. Plus "most people live" in non-essential industries (as defined by governments of course: reality says that every worker is an essential worker) and the federal government has been falling over themselves to take those jobs away. On a macro level, "most people live" in a "way of the world" with two genders and where thugs are to be avoided rather than emulated. That never seems to bother the Shiny Pony, so why should this?
Mr. Trump was a friend to oil and gas. He reversed former president Barack Obama’s rejection of the Keystone project, issuing the presidential permit to allow the pipeline to cross the Canada-U.S. border.

As a candidate, Mr. Biden pledged to reverse the reversal. TC Energy, Ottawa, Alberta and Saskatchewan were hoping they would at least be given a chance to make the case for Keystone. That case is compelling.

Construction is well under way, with the cross-border portion of the line already completed. Cancelling the project will cost thousands of jobs in both countries. TC Energy is committed to reducing carbon emissions, while the oil that replaces what Keystone would provide American refineries comes from countries with little or no commitment to fighting global warming.

By cancelling Keystone at the outset of his administration, Mr. Biden would be saying he has no interest in hearing what Canada has to say, which is the kind of reflexive, reason-free action that you might have expected from Mr. Trump.
Trump's actions benefit both countries (and these 'carbon emissions' that only clueless clowns care about), while Biden's actions harm both countries without really improving the precious environment. Ibbitson really has a lot of difficulty with this doesn't he? The President Trump in his head turns out to be completely unrelated to the President Trump on our own mortal plane, and it bothers the hell out of him. "Reflexive reason-free action" is the exclusive purview of leftists? Who could have thought it?

“Peremptorily revoking the permit without first giving Canada a chance to make its case wouldn’t exactly send a signal [of] renewed friendship that he has promised towards America’s closest allies,” Roland Paris tweeted Monday. Prof. Paris, a political scientist at University of Ottawa, was Mr. Trudeau’s first foreign policy adviser.

Mr. Trudeau will protest, but eventually give way, for several reasons. First, he wants to establish strong relations with the Biden administration, and a protracted fight over Keystone would not be a good start.

Second, he shares the incoming president’s commitment to economic restructuring through investments in green technologies to fight climate change. Keystone lies outside those parameters.

Third, Mr. Trudeau’s highest priority is to win a Canadian exemption from the Buy American provision in the new administration’s US$700-billion procurement and R&D program. Buy American rules could freeze central Canadian manufacturers out of the U.S. market, while also disrupting supply chains.

So let's go over the Shiny Pony's reasoning, as Ibbitson lays out for us in his shithole of a lying media property:
  1. He's a pathetic coward more anxious to go along to get along than to advance Canada's national interest, as opposed to his behaviour under God-Emperor Donald Trump where he was anxious to "stand up" to a superior man rather than advance Canada's national interest.
  2. He's just as retarded and evil and despicable as the man he wants to suck up to, and would advance this horrible policy no matter what Biden thought.
  3. He's a duplicitous scumbag who refuses to treat all national economic activity, not to mention voters and public interests, equally equitably or fairly.
As a minor aside to point (3) above, anti-oil retards online are telling Alberta in the wake of all this that we (ie. Jason Kenney) need to stop "putting our eggs in one basket" and waste tax money on renewables while also selling oil to more non-US countries, so why doesn't that logic equally apply to manufacturing industries in the Golden Triangle? Maybe try selling more of your automobiles to Europe or Asia? 

 How Alberta is expected to get this oil to other countries when our pipelines are blocked by anti-oil activists north, east, south, and west is an exercise these nutters have left to you and I to figure out, apparently. How hard is it to built a space elevator exactly?
But energy is as crucial to the North American economy as manufacturing. Richard Masson, executive director at the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy, says he believes Mr. Trudeau should integrate the Keystone XL pipeline into a comprehensive Buy North American pitch.

“The whole North American economy can be more efficient if we work together rather than if we start setting up barriers,” he said in an interview. “That is the argument that we need the Canadian government to make, and this pipeline is part of that argument.”

But he is “not very optimistic” the argument will prevail. Keystone has become such a lightning rod among environmentalists and their allies that Mr. Biden wouldn’t dare reverse himself even if he wanted to.

Democrats have traditionally been suspicious of trade agreements that put local manufacturing jobs at risk. Under Mr. Trump, Republicans became equally protectionist. Despite their deep polarization, the Americans have reached a consensus in rejecting the globalization of trade.
Whoops, he almost said an unqualified negative thing about FakePresident Biden and has to try to turn it back around to blaming it on Trump. Nevermind that both parties had pro- and anti-trade wings in the 2016 election, but curiously only the Republicans still have people in both camps.

I'm about to leave Ibbitson with the last word. I know, I know, I typically don't do that. But I'm going to tell you to first read the title of this post, and then read the final two lines of Ibbitson's article. Capiche?
The Canadian and Mexican governments, to their great credit, were able to preserve the fundamentals of a continental market by renegotiating the North American free-trade agreement. But that agreement won’t save Keystone XL, any more than a court challenge will.

For as long as Joe Biden is president, Keystone is dead.

@MikeStaresinic - Come back Senator Cotton! All is forgiven!

Deploying the army against citizens? It's wrong. So very very very wrong to have official people with guns ready to shoot people just because their protest might turn violent. I know it's wrong because Mike Staresinic said so.

Letting a protest that may or may not get out of hand go without a harsh presence of offical people with guns they will use to shoot them? That's wrong. You should totally put official people with guns in to stop violence. I know this because...Mike...Staresinic...hey, wait...

As you might guess, Staresinic saying GOP legislators "ought to peel off, back off, drop off" and "it can't end well for them" when their political views are tied to protesters who get violent is just another lucky recipient of Big Tech's political biases. He doesn't have to worry: he's not Kevin McCullough.

But ain't it funny how Cotton's suggestion about BurnLootMurder that was so abhorrent then is celebrating today (and also public policy cheered on by the NYT).




Are they wrong? 



Ugandan election

Quick quiz, will claiming that the election isn't legitimate because of some shady stuff being reported get you banned from social media? Will Bobi Wine be banned because some of his supporters were violent even when he asked them not to be violent but still fight for their rights?

Note the only way that the Museveni-Wine and Trump-Biden comparisons don't hold up is that the official counts in the former show the President winning by a huge margin.

If the far-left Big Techs didn't have double standards they wouldn't have any standards at all...

@Paulbyjove1 - Did BurnLootMurder have a parade permit?

Actually, the answer to the question "should all businesses require strict state licencing" is no. 

That you're so ignorant to be unaware of this speaks to how intellectually (along with morally) bankrupt the modern left really is.

Here's the case against business licenses by Lee Friday.

Here's the case against business licenses by David S. D’Amato.

Here's the case against business licenses by Senator...Joseph...Biden...?

Here's the case against business licenses by Paul Boyce.

Finally, here's the case against business licenses by Mark Steyn.

So yes, business licensing is a "freedom" issue: those who believe in the fundamental principle of liberty have been speaking out against this sort of nonsense for decades now. Where has Paul been? Probably in a public school being taught lies by unionized (and "certified") teachers.

It would be funny except Red Indians are violently chasing innocent whites in Winnipeg today

A whiny Red Indian in Brandon Manitoba is filing a human rights complaint over a cartoon in a homework assignment.

Grace Masse, a mother of six, said she was very upset when one of her children pulled out a math worksheet for their Grade 5 class, and found an offensive image depicting an Indigenous person on horseback who appears to be attacking two people in a horse-drawn carriage.

"It upholds the systemic racism, it does not tell the history from the Indigenous perspective," she said. "This image really impacted me a lot. It just breaks my heart. And my kids, I'm trying to teach them how to live in both worlds, and this kind of image kind of takes two steps back on that."
What "indigenous perspective" is this single welfare mother of six talking about? She'd prefer the image show a nice clear view of the back of whitey's delicious exposed scalp as the Red Indian on a horse (which he culturally appropriated, mind) chased them down? Also if she wants the kids to learn from a Red Indian perspective then perhaps she should put them in a school system funded by her and her lazy race of tax sponges. Whitey is paying to educate the children Grace keeps spitting out (and come to think of it, paying their entire child race), so maybe let us do it however we like.

Bonus question: did the presstitute liars at CTV or Global News bother to ask her if she could answer the question? (the Global News story showed it filled out, though it was unclear by whom). Spoiler alert, you think it's going to be a funny riddle or something but instead it's horribly generic and obvious. "Wheel trouble". Still, I have a funny feeling that Masse couldn't have figured out a Grade 5's homework. It's why her grandmother was sensibly educated in a Residential School.

President Trump's last day in office (until January 20, 2025)

So which slut did Jared Porter show his dick to? Hazel Mae?

Porter, who was hired as New York's general manager in December, reportedly began a texting conversation with a foreign correspondent who moved to the United States to cover MLB. The woman met Porter at Yankee Stadium in June 2016, exchanging business cards after a brief conversation regarding international prospects. Porter then invited the reporter to meet him for a drink the next night. After the reporter declined to meet with Porter, he began a string of over 60 unsolicited texts, per Kimes and Passan.
So...Hazel Mae? Porter heard how she'd screw Terry Francona and even Brian Burke and decided to get in there?

Nope..this foreign reporter apparently has trouble with English:
ESPN obtained the explicit messages sent by Porter in December 2017. The outlet then reached out to the woman in question, who originally did not want the story to be released due to concerns for her career. In recent days, she "decided to come forward only on the condition of anonymity because she fears backlash in her home country," per ESPN.

"My number one motivation is I want to prevent this from happening to someone else," the reporter told ESPN through an interpreter. "Obviously he's in a much greater position of power. I want to prevent that from happening again. The other thing is I never really got the notion that he was truly sorry.

"I know in the U.S. there is a women's empowerment movement. But in [my home country], it's still far behind," the woman said. "Women get dragged through the mud if your name is associated with any type of sexual scandal. Women are the ones who get fingers pointed at them. I don't want to go through the victimization process again. I don't want other people to blame me."

So we can look at the evidence that she's not from a European country. Possibly she's Asian but I'm going to go on a limb and say she's from a Latin American country. International baseball coverage is pretty spotty outside the Americas, so let's play the numbers here.

It also lines up with this guy's observation:

After she sent a selfie, Porter responded: "You're gorgeous. Want more of me?" She said yes

Porter sent three pictures including the first of several that would show a man lying on a bed with a bulge in his pants. "Like?" Porter wrote. She laughed again and texted yes

We can also guess that she covers either the Yankees or the Mets: at the time in 2016 Porter was with the Cubs, who on June 30th did start a series against the Mets. None of their other June 2016 games were in the area though I suppose he could have spent June 9th in NYC the day after their Phillies series but before the Braves, or June 16th between their disappointing outing against Washington and before their amazing domination of the Pirates (DC to NYC isn't a rough drive or train ride, but it makes getting to Pittsburgh a bit of a pain).

They did meet in Yankee Stadium though, so let's presume that she covers the Yankees. There's no database of media correspondents, sadly, and there are a lot of international broadcast partners to manually sort through. We do know the Yankees were also in town on June 30th and June 9th. Sorry June 16, they were against the Twins.

We do have one last data point: she apparently "left the profession" since the incident. Still, we have four years to look through, including a year of Wuhan Flu shutdowns that make even noticing a reporter no longer working difficult.

So we're left sort of stabbing into the air and seeing what we can find. Which foreign reporters were covering the June 30th game against the Texas Rangers? Again there's no database of media correspondents and post-game scrums aren't the sort of thing you can look up this many years later. As with so many of these investigations, the work is only beginning.

Jimena Sanchez? Never covered the MLB, though apparently she is a Yankees fan and has difficulty speaking English. She seems a little too big and popular to be worried about how she'll be perceived, but also likes her privacy... was she in NYC in June of 2016?

Somewhere somebody knows for sure who this reporter girl is, and then we can see if she was worth sending a dick pic and possibly losing your job over...

Completely unrelated: the sexy Sportsnet anchors. 

Also completely unrelated: Kellyanne Conway attended the Yankees game on June 29th


Downloading everything for the win

With the latest round of hypersensitive media companies banning media works that aren't "woke" enough, it's getting even worse. Gone With the Wind, The Dukes of Hazzard, and a large number of TV shows featuring blackface jokes have been recently removed from streaming services.
The past couple weeks of course have rapidly accelerated this trend, to the point where U.S. media companies are under pressure to follow the lead of Canada's evil far-left state broadcaster and remove God-Emperor Donald J. Trump from the movie Home Alone 2.

Speaking of Culkin...his friends at RedLetterMedia had a YouTube video pulled this week. It wasn't political censorship unlike what happened to PragerU or Scott Adams but rather was a mere example of their crappy "copyright" system.

As an end user, whether it's because Google/Facebook/Twitter hate and fear superior conservative arguments, or lazily allow fraudsters to rip off their content creators, the end result is the video you used to be able to watch not being available anymore.

Speaking of which...

I think it was three years ago at the bar that Martok and I were talking about porn. One of the things he thought was pretty great about the modern world was that PornHub exists, and he never has to worry about having a porn stash somewhere because he can just go on PornHub and watch anything new he wants and remember enough titles to find old favourites relatively easily.

And then December happened. A fraudulent New York Times story claiming child porn and sex trafficking was "rampant" made huge waves: suddenly credit card companies were refusing to do business with companies based on the words of a serial presstitute:
When Kristof turns his notebook in the direction of women with stories of trauma, the resulting narratives most often fall somewhere between beneficent voyeurism and journalistic malpractice. (Kristof, writing about his coverage of refugees in 2006: “It’s often agonizing to try to figure out how far you can go in identifying a rape victim, for example, so that a column will come alive—without putting her at risk of revenge.”) He has yet to face any professional consequences for his role in advancing the Somaly Mam Foundation, the anti–sex trafficking organization that, thanks to him, was able to launder allegedly invented sex slave stories through the paper of record. (New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan, in 2014, after one of his key sources was exposed for lying about sex trafficking: “Nicholas Kristof Should Give Readers a Full Explanation About Somaly Mam.”)

In response, PornHub bowed to pressure from credit card companies who themselves bowed to pressure from the New York Times (seriously, who even does that anymore?) and deleted all of their user-provided content. Suddenly Martok's old favourites aren't quite so relatively easily pulled up. In fact, overnight the popular site became more-or-less useless. The only videos still allowed up are "verified" partners (which curiously enough seemed to be the majority of the questionable videos to begin with). Traffic has fallen from the site so much that now the same porn actresses that were decrying it want it back up and running. Funny thing is that users could browse the site to their hearts' content and never once even stumble across the videos Kristof claimed was so common: while there certainly are going to be a small number of amateur videos put up of girls under the age of 18, we're likely talking 16 or 17 here and not 7 or 8. Bear in mind, as always, these are the same people assuring you that a 5 year old taking hormones is perfectly fine but a 17 year old being sexually pursued isn't.

Thanks to a Queerbec-based company buying up a lot of adult "tubesite" properties, there aren't many good competitors ready to take up the slack. Briefly in December SpankBang implemented a number of policy changes meant to keep the heat off of them, but after their traffic also collapsed they relented. FreeUsePorn has seen a huge traffic spike since mid-December that, like Gab and Parler this week, have resulted in crashed servers and difficulty scaling up their bandwidth.

PornHub also made a big deal about how they stopped people from downloading offline copies of their videos. But they didn't. They couldn't. Because the dirty little secret is anything that can be streamed to your screen can be similarly put onto your hard drive. The little 1s and 0s don't care where they go, and there's lots of software overruling those who try to stop you. Absolutely any video on any streaming site can be downloaded with the right browser extension or third-party website.

For YouTube, the best way to save any short video onto your hard drive is the YouTube to MP3/MP4 online converter. I routinely use it to save songs I find on YouTube and if your video is short and you don't care about the image quality it's a quick and dirty little tool. Literally dirty though: be warned it's one of those sites you have to be quick on your mouse finger as it tends to load those Bet365 popup windows that quickly refresh to say "your computer is hacked and you need to send us money". For longer videos or ones where you want to preserve a higher resolution, using the VLC music player is your best bet:

  1. Open VLC and click "Open Media"
  2. Click "Network" and paste YouTube URL (note: use the one from the top of your browser, not the link generated when you "share" the video)
  3. Select "Tools" and then "Codec Information" because you're using Windows. Mac users are tiny babies who shouldn't be reading my blog.
  4. Find the "Location" bar at the bottom and copy that URL
  5. Paste that URL into your browser (pro tip: use an incognito window so future searches aren't super-annoying with the auto-fill)
  6. Right click the video and select "Save Video As"
  7. Name the file and save to desired location
For other websites like the PornHubs or DailyMotions or CBC.cas of the world, the DownloadVideoHelper is your go-to source. It lets you save the video from any website (ironically it doesn't really work with YouTube and only saves the video without sound) permanently. No longer will deletions (for whatever reason) of your favourite video material concern you. I presume everybody now is using either the Brave or Dissenter browsers: both of which allow you to install the DownloadVideoHelper from Google itself (we will sell the woke Big Tech censors the rope they will use to hang themselves) here.

That's all fine and good if you feel like building a time machine, going back to November, and downloading the "Best of the Worst: Diamond Fox vs The White Cobra" video onto your own hard drive. But it's now January 18th 2021 and it's been pulled from YouTube. What on earth can you do?

Oh, that's easy: just go here and after a few minutes delay you can watch the entire video. Or, do what I did and use the VLC player trick above using the archive.org URL: https://web.archive.org/web/20200917003102if_/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEKKVSjw6JY

I even put it all together in a handy video:  

As BigTech increases their censorship, what I said last summer is more and more true with every passing day: if you don't physically possess a piece of content, they can and will try to take it away from you.

More unemployed fags

Starbucks Canada will close 300 more stores by the end of March. Boo hoo.

Whatever will this mean to the tiny weak army of uranists and dykes who make up roughly half of Starbucks' workforce? Just like the mass closure of David's Tea stores, not a lot of heterosexual men are unemployed as a result of this change.

I was going to link to my David's Tea post, because I was sure I made one back when their store closures were announced, but apparently I didn't. The closest I came was an obscure reference to a Buzzfeed article.

So I guess consider this my David's Tea closure post, and since I didn't make one back in July/August when it first came up, I might as well tell my hilarious Faggot At David's Tea Story. For some reason nobody fully understood, and even Starbucks doesn't have this consistency, every David's Tea store had three employees: two girls and a faggot. Hell, even the picture on their own website makes it clear:

Editor's Note: to avoid disrupting the flow of the text below with "haha" comments after every anal sex gag, I will use the upside down question mark symbol (¿) in lieu.

So one day back in probably 2013/2014 I'm walking through Southgate Mall, and girl accompanying me wants to check what's on special at David's Tea. They used to give out cheap paper booklets with all their stock listed, but inexplicably had given up on this. Frustrated by not being able to just look at a list and pick a tea, and annoyed with how faggy the sodomite behind the counter talked, she gave up the ghost and we left the store to resume walking around. A few minutes later we walked past again and we noticed the faggot was no longer behind the counter. For a few brief moments she considered going back to the store, but almost immediately a door on the back wall¿ opened and the sodomite exited¿.

At this point our curiosity was piqued: we didn't think the storefronts in that section of Southgate (I think it was buttressed¿ up against The Bay) had any storage areas, so we were curious about how much space was back there that wasn't seen by the general public, especially since that back wall was pretty much flush with the other storefronts and wasn't load bearing. So we moved into position and waited to see if that door opened up again. Finally one of the girls walked over to open it up. It wasn't a storage room at all: it was a storage closet. It was a tiny closet that was smaller than the pantry in those new showhomes: barely enough room to hold a mop and bucket.

So why was the poofter inside it with the door closed? Was it entirely so we could witness him literally coming out of the closet? Needless to say we couldn't help ourselves and started laughing uncontrollably. From that moment until the malls shut down, every time I walked past a David's Tea store with their token David's Tea faggot, I couldn't help but look directly at him and start laughing. Literally in the closet.

Hilarious but nevermore: the only David's Tea store left in Edmonton is at West Ed, and the last time I was there they only had two girls working the counter: I suppose another cost cutting effort.

Bonus career advise for sodomites who aren't willing to change to a better orientation: I guess you could all get jobs as atrocious dog stylists.


November January rain

That's so messed up. Almost as messed up as, say, thanks to Mayor Coward's retarded airport closure, "Edmonton weather" is always "Leduc weather" now...

Why are we locked down again?

Strike One.

On June 7, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the WHO’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, told a press conference that from the known research, asymptomatic spread was “very rare.” “From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual.” She added for emphasis: “It’s very rare.”
The secondary attack rate for symptomatic index cases was 18.0% (95% CI 14.2%-22.1%), and the rate of asymptomatic and presymptomatic index cases was 0.7% (95% CI 0%-4.9%), “although there were few studies in the latter group.” The asymptomatic/presymptomatic secondary attack rate is not statistically different from zero, and the confidence interval is technically 0.7 ± 4.2, resulting in a range of -3.5%-4.9%, but attack rates cannot be negative, so it is truncated at 0.

This is the point where you might ask where Strike Three is, but if we're going to use the baseball analogy let's flip it around to a challenge to the pro-lockdown Viro Fascists:

Where are any examples of Balls? 


It's probably nothing...

Pandemic Pushes Russia’s Gold Reserves Above U.S. Dollars For First Ever Time

At the end of June 2020, Russia held $128.5 billion in gold, representing 22.9% of Moscow’s total international reserves — and almost $4 billion more than the value of U.S. dollars in its reserves.

Please note that in June 2020 the President of the United States of America is the same amazing man who's President today: Donald J. Trump.

You know, the one the lying (projecting) leftists insist is actually the puppet of a sinister foreign government. Specifically, the foreign government who is cautiously moving away from their currency. As, y'know, you do when you sinisterily [no, that's not a word...though come to think of it, it should be shouldn't it? -ed] control another country...and specifically control their leader who has done more than any President in two generations to improve the value of said currency.


Related Russian weirdness: 

In strange comments, Navalny congratulated Joe Biden on his alleged win, even before word from the Kremlin, and in spite of massive ongoing lawsuits and overwhelming evidence of election fraud in the Nov 3rd U.S. general election.

Navalny in a tweet congratulated Biden, running mate Kamala Harris and Americans for “defining the new leadership in a free and fair election”, reported The Moscow Times.

“This is a privilege which is not available to all countries,” said Navalny, who is recovering in Germany from a suspected poisoning earlier this year.

Your daily reminder

100% of faggots are child molesters

What if Vincent Li became a tranny?

I wrote last month en passant about Vince Li, the Greyhound decapitating cannibal murderer from Asia who moved to Edmonton and then travelled to Winnipeg where he decided to viciously murder (white) Tim McLean.

Anyways, it appears that Vince Weiguang Li, like Gohar (Carmen) Ahmed Pervez/Abdullah Shah before him, has legally changed his name.

He's now Will Baker. Remember that name if you come across it: Will Baker is a piece of shit who confused a man's skull with Kung Pow Chicken.

Yet strangely enough, Wikipedia continues to call him Vince Li. As does the CBC.
This is where 10 years ago on July 30, 2008, a man known then as Vince Li who was sitting next to McLean on Greyhound bus No. 1170 travelling from Edmonton to Winnipeg on the TransCanada Highway pulled out a knife and repeatedly stabbed his seatmate.

The driver and passengers fled the bus but watched in horror as Li decapitated the 22-year-old Winnipeg man and mutilated and cannibalized his body.

RCMP arrived with special negotiators and a heavily armed tactical unit. It took five hours before they arrested Li when he tried to escape from the bus by breaking through a window.

This wouldn't seem strange at all, of course, but notice you'll never see that on any CBC article about Bruce Jenner after he legally changed his name to Caitlyn for bizarre reasons no sane person would ever pretend to consider normal.

Last year news outlets apologized for calling Anthony Stevens by that name instead of the "Aimee" he wanted to be called as he pretended to be a woman. "Deadnaming", a nonsense term nobody had heard of in 2008, has become a Fake News staple: just another way that the media always lies to you.

And it's notably inconsistent. Criminals change their name to avoid being connected to their crimes, and trannies change their name to avoid being directly connected to their faggy mental illness.

But if Vince Li decided to become a chick and name himself Wilma Baker, CBC and all these other woke media outlets would completely throw the old person down the memory hole.


Will anti-Albertan terrorist Mike Hudema lose his Facebook/Twitter accounts over this?

According to CBS,
[The group Giniw Collective] say that “several cultural site maps, numerous sacred and significant sites lie in the path of the Line 3 project.”

“Enbridge’s last ditch effort to build fossil fuel infrastructure is killing people and the planet. I refuse to be complicit in settler colonialist practices, and feel that I have to put my body on the line to protect indigenous communities sovereignty and all of our futures,” protester Abby Horberger said.

Of course we all know the rules apply to us but not to them. Hudema is in fact, by Pelosi/Dorsey standards a domestic terrorist calling for insurrection. Yet strangely enough as his acolytes continue to invade private property and risk human lives no action has been taken.


I don't believe in the no-win worst case scenario

Back before Christmas I set a followup to this report on Global News by CP presstitute Shawn Jeffords:

New projections show infections in the province continue to rise and “hard” lockdowns of four to six weeks could bring cases down to less than 1,000 a day.

Dr. Adalsteinn Brown, co-chair of the province’s COVID-19 science advisory table, said anything less than a four-week lockdown will not work, based on the experience of other jurisdictions.

“Hard lockdown, a very stringent lockdown, with very strong communication, of four to six weeks can reduce case numbers in Ontario,” he said. “The duration of lockdown is very important.”
It's all the same bullshit you've seen before: only four week lockdowns work (despite the Wuhan Flu having a two week incubation period) but those 4 weeks need to be extended to 4 months before you can sneeze.
Brown said that if Ontario’s COVID-19 case rate continues to grow between one to three per cent, the province will have 3,000 to 5,000 daily cases by the end of January.

If the province sees “substantial growth” of seven per cent, Ontario will have 30,000 daily cases.

The new projections show that under all scenarios the province will see 300 intensive care unit beds filled within 10 days — double the 150-bed threshold where surgeries must be cancelled.
If you watched the report on Global television, you heard this part emphasized:
Under a worst-case-scenario, ICU occupancy could hit 1,500 beds by mid-January.

Well seeing how it's mid-January now I figured we should look into how things are looking. The first thing I noticed from the Ontario data is that on December 21st, the day of this report, there were 265 ICU patients, so we weren't talking about an explosion: notice that like all lying enemies of the people, Jeffords' report never mentioned the current levels were almost at 300 and indeed implied they were below the 150. Indeed, they hit 300 ICU patients on December 29th, and on the magical tenth day (December 31st) they were at 337.

So from 265 to 300 in ten days and from 300 to 1500 in the two weeks afterwards. So as of January 13th what were the ICU numbers in Ontario? 385.

In other words, their "worst case scenario" didn't even remotely come to pass. It was all fearmongering lies to make you demand Ford take stricter action to unfairly restrict the freedom of even more of your fellow citizens.

So just as the last "worst case scenario" fearporn was proven incorrect, get ready for Round Two:

Although the projections by Ontario's scientific advisers were presented to cabinet on Friday, the information is not slated to be made public until Tuesday.

Multiple sources who have seen the modelling tell CBC News it includes:

  • Forecasts putting the province on track to report a daily average of 6,000 new cases of COVID-19 before the end of January.

So 6000 new cases by the "end of January". Scary, eh? But wait, Adalsteinn Brown (who claims to be a doctor) said in late December that cases could be 3000-5000 by the end of January. So which is it?

In early January cases broke 3000 per day, and other than a couple of days of 4000 spikes have settled around that level ever since. So their model widely overestimated ICU requirements while getting cases relatively close. But then they throw it all down the memory hole and expect us to live in fear with the second "sobering" data.

As I've mentioned many a time, if you looked at conservative media like Third Edge of the Sword or Breitbart or PJ Media since last January you'd see forecasts that more closely followed reality than any official models.

They never improve the models. They just hope that the Gell-Mann Effect lures you in again. When you see these people in the streets, spit in their eye.


Matt Gaetz for the win

Florida Republican Matt Gaetz nails it on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives today:

For months, our cities burned, police stations burned, our businesses were shattered, and they said nothing, or they cheer-led for it, they fundraised for it, and they allowed it to happen in the greatest country in the world.

Now some have sighted the metaphor that the president lit the flame, but they lit actual flames, actual fires, and we had to put them out!

Unsurprisingly, Google News searches for this speech come up with zero hits. 

Reefer Lockdown Madness continues

Alberta is (senselessly) remaining in lockdown for (at least) two weeks longer than the three weeks promised back in December. You know, the ones that were supposed to expire earlier this week.

Which itself is curious: as the meme above says, if lockdowns worked and reduced the cases then why do we need to lockdown longer because cases aren't really going down? And if the lockdowns aren't effective at reducing the cases then why are we still bothering with them?

It's the second question at this point that will need to be asked, because it's clear now that the lockdowns flat out aren't working. And don't take piddling examples like the lockdowns in Ontario or New York, look at the real serious lockdowns in places like the United Kingdom, Belgium, or Bolivia.

Bolivia? Yes. As of September 2nd they had the second-strictest lockdowns in the world, and they still had almost 5000 Wuhan Flu deaths. 

Over in Europe, Austria had an extremely tight lockdowns (slightly relaxed over Christmas, take that Jason Kenney) and yet their deaths per million double Canada's. Belgium (partly due to too many Muslims) was hit early and hard by the Wuhan Flu with a big increase in deaths starting around October 11th and peaking November 10th. Viro Fascists will point to the lockdown being eased in September, apparently forgetting that the "eased" lockdown was still stricter than anything in Canada or the United States: while facemasks were no longer mandatory outdoors (!?) you were still allowed contact only with 5 people, with gatherings of 10 or more indoor or outdoor all banned. 

Back down to South America, Columbia has another one of the region's strictest lockdowns, and to what effect? From early June to early September their deaths continued to climb, then dropping slightly to a plateau from mid-September to mid-December, only to be climbing again. Yet again, their COVID restrictions make Alberta's look like a nothingburger, and an early September relaxing of their restrictions coincided with a levelling of their caseload and death count.

Which brings us, natch, to the UK. I wrote over Christmas about the Calgary Police cunts who won Mark Steyn's "Brit Wanker Copper of the Day" awards, but the very name of the award speaks to the UK constabulary who took their newfound powers over the citizenry to heart from the earliest days of "two weeks to flatten the curve". To wit, the British have been under severe lockdown since late March. Indeed, back in May:

It's worth noting that England far more than Canada or even most (if not all!) U.S. States has extreme lockdown rules.

And how has that worked out for them? Yeah, kind of poorly. New cases levelled off in April, but then by early October skyrocketed, with deaths recently returning to their April levels. And yet their strict lockdowns apparently did no good. The relaxed lockdown (still relatively strict!) that started on July 4th of all days was basically the start of a 4 month Wuhan Flu vacation: cases didn't climb until early October with deaths a week or so behind (note: not three weeks as the Viro Fascists always call for). By October 31st the UK was back into insanely strict lockdown territory and the end result has been...wait this can't be right: cases and deaths keep climbing (yet still -- still -- far below what the "models" were suggesting: Boris was told "thousands of deaths a day" but the UK seems to be peaking this week with 1300 daily deaths). The four week lockdown from October 31st by the way is still on to this very day, with apparently middling results.

So this, as it always does, swings back to Sweden. Sweden of course has been locked down, just less so than (almost) everybody else: even in May of 2020 there were limits on the size of gatherings and capacity restrictions for businesses. In late November Sweden instituted stricter lockdowns, a month later even stricter stricter lockdowns, and now even crazier lockdowns. Yet starting in early November cases and deaths started to spike (despite, one notes, no policy changes related to lockdowns), and neither the November 24th lockdowns nor the December 24th lockdowns (remember: even Viro Fascists claim that 3 weeks later you should see benefits) have stemmed the tide in Sweden. Yet their September and October numbers were the envy of the world. Again the key point is no correlation between lockdown measures and cases/deaths.

(As a brief aside, isn't it weird that Sweden counts aren't updated daily, which causes the fancy graphs to all show false spikes? Going 3 days with counts of zero make the "254 cases today" more like 85 cases per day. Just another way that the data is manipulated to impact how you think a country is doing)

As Alberta continues into a costly and harmful lockdown, the question remains: why are we bothering? It's a purely political gesture: lockdowns have no impact on cases or deaths, but cases and deaths do cause far-left media outlets and bleating liberals to demand further and further restrictions (just look at Doug Ford's new curfew that isn't called a curfew, an entirely manufactured media outrage that now has determined public policy). Just like how Calgary and Edmonton had mask bylaws since August which had no impact on Wuhan Flu transmission, lockdowns are just another example of Politician's Logic.

Why are conservative governments letting their ministers promote Twitter, a far-left site that bans their followers?

My Twitter account is in Thelma and Louise mode as I post this — a mass deletion app is purging my old content.

There’s no point in remaining on the platform, even as a source of breaking news. Trump and others have been purged in the past few hours, and the high value accounts like Andy Ngo are surely next.

Apple is threatening to ban Parler. Face it folks, it’s time to rebuild the independent conservative blogosphere.

Believe it or not, much of this post was already completed by the time this news started breaking: the far-left site is doing more and more to remove principled conservative voices for "crimes" which violent thugs in mid-2020 enjoyed without worry.

So the question remains: why are conservative governments not doing more to take away Twitter's power by requiring all ministers and departments migrate over to Gab or Parler? Over the Christmas holidays, Alberta's medical chick Deena Hinshaw used Twitter to publish the province's COVID updates, which were dutifully repeated in the mainstream media: the subtle implication being this internet platform is useful and you should be a member.

Meanwhile, this same platform bans and shadowbans the people who are interested in re-electing her boss Jason Kenney. So what's the motivation for Kenney to allow this to continue?

Imagine instead an alternate world where Hinshaw was only permitted by government order to communicate in her official capacity on a free speech enabling platform like Gab?

For the purposes of this post I'll use Gab as the example, though this will apply equally to Parler or MeWe. I'm actually planning an upcoming blogpost about Parler, as I have a few technical notes to make about how the site needed to be improved (which may or may not be impacted by the move from Amazon)

In that case, the fake news pressitutes at Global News would be required to show a screenshot of Hinshaw's Gab post, mention Gab on the air, and make the subtle implication being this internet platform is useful and you should be a member.

This was one of the issues with Trump being on the censoring Big Tech sites in the first place: his popularity and presence was giving them legitimacy this whole time: every time there was attention to something Trump said on Twitter he was inadvertently providing comfort to his enemy.

So here's my free advice to Jason Kenney, Scott Moe, Doug Ford, Blaine Higgs, etc: get yourself, your cabinet ministers, your government departments, and your government officials off of Twitter and Facebook. If they want personal accounts that's one thing, but absolutely no government business should be conducted on the Big Tech censorship networks who are busy silencing the conservative voices who not only are superior to leftist voices but are also the only people who are going to be putting you into office again.

No more Twitter posts that links to press releases. No more announcements or clarifications or anything other than Gab. Sure you'll find that mysteriously the mainstream media will no longer be linking to or embedding your Gab posts and you won't be engaging with your leftist constituents, but that's a feature and not a bug.

Twitter and Facebook are far-left organizations who actively harm the conservative cause. We've already seen the cumulative effects of this at the ballot box both in Alberta in 2015 and America in 2020. Unless you want the (superior) conservative cause to be chased out of the argument and then the levers of power, you need to fight back.


Storming the federal building was cool in 2018

via email:

What a difference two years makes. On October 4, 2018, taking over the Capitol was just another form of protest.

On that date, The Hill reported, “More than 300 people were taken into custody by police on Capitol Hill after descending on a pair of Senate office buildings Thursday afternoon to protest the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

“The vast majority of the arrests, 293, were a result of protests in the Hart Senate Office Building, where protesters crowded in the atrium. Loud chants could be heard throughout the building, which is structured so the hallways of each floor open up and look out onto the first floor.

“Those arrested in Hart were charged with crowding, obstructing or incommoding, according to Capitol Police. Another nine people were arrested on the fourth floor of Dirksen Senate Office Building and charged with unlawful demonstrations.”

CNN also called the crowd protesters.

On Wednesday, CNN called pro-Trump protesters who stormed the Capitol “rioters.

NPR called them "far-right insurrectionists."

In 2018, NPR called the anti-Kavanaugh crowd "demonstrators" and titled its coverage of the storming: " 'We Believe Survivors': Demonstrators Throng Capitol Hill To Protest Kavanaugh"

CNN gushed in 2018, "Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski were arrested in Kavanaugh protests."

The story included a tweet from Ratajkowski, who tweeted, "Today I was arrested protesting the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, a man who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault. Men who hurt women can no longer be placed in positions of power."

Benny Johnson tweeted back, "You're joking, right? Arrested?

"I watched the cops walk up to you and ask politely if you wanted to be arrested. You & Amy Schumer said 'yes.' Then you both just sat comfortably on the floor until the cops gave you special wristbands & politely escorted you out
I have video."

Being arrested was good for their brand as both got lucrative endorsement contracts for tampons (Schumer) and perfume (Ratajkowski).

Capitol Police shot and killed a protester on Wednesday. She was an Air Force veteran.

In 2018, there were no calls to remove Senator Kamala Harris for riling people up.

And no Democrat senator said she was going to vote against the appointment but upon seeing the protest inside Senate office buildings, she was so ashamed that she would vote for Kavanaugh.

Contrast and compare to Kelly Loeffler's waffling. This shows feminism has achieved its goal of equality because she's as big a weasel as any man.

Well, except Mitt Romney. No one is his equal. He gives weasels a bad name.

White House staffers are leaving after Wednesday's protests by pro-Trump demonstrators. They figure they can devote the next 2 weeks full-time to landing a new gig. Where they land will tell you how loyal they were to the president and his supporters. The bigger the salary, the bigger the weasel.

Book deals are the biggest tell. Can Bill Barr top Kellyanne Conway's advance, or will he have to settle for the mere $2 million that John Bolton landed?

In 2018, the press was ho-hum about the taking over of Senate offices. 

Twitter is calling the protest on Wednesday an insurrection.

The way the media frames protests matters, which is why they support the anti-American ones and attack the patriotic ones.

The press will be protected from the reprisals that are coming.

Well, maybe not Fox.

But look for full federal funding of NPR in the next round of covid 19 relief.

John Earle Sullivan, who was inside the Capitol building during the siege on Wednesday, previously gave a speech in BLM Plaza in DC in August 2020 where he identifies as being part of an insurgency group & calls for a violent left-wing revolution.


Je Suis Ashli Babbitt

"There’s never an avalanche around when you need one" (and always a tumour when you don't)

Kathy Shaidle 1964 – 2021

Her tombstone reads: GET OFF MY LAWN! 

She is relieved she won’t have to update her LinkedIn profile, shave her legs, or hear “Creep” by Radiohead ever again. Some may even be jealous that she’s getting out of enduring a Biden presidency. 

Deny WestJet employees EI benefits

WestJet has had to furlough more employees due to the Wuhan Flu restrictions by various levels of government, and their CEO has been quick to lay blame at the foot of the Shiny Pony:

CEO Ed Sims said Friday that WestJet — which is now operating a network size similar to what it had in 2001 — continues to face volatile demand and instability in the face of continuing federal government travel advisories and restrictions.

Sims said the most immediate concern is a new directive issued by the federal government on Dec. 31 requiring all air passengers five years of age or older will be required to test negative for COVID-19 before travelling from another country to Canada, effective Jan. 7.

The test must be taken 72 hours before departure, and documentation of a negative laboratory test result must be presented to the airline prior to boarding a flight to Canada. Anyone who receives a negative test result and is authorized to enter Canada must still complete the full, mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Sims said immediately following the Dec. 31 announcement, WestJet saw “significant reductions in new bookings and unprecedented cancellations.”

“The entire travel industry and its customers are again on the receiving end of incoherent and inconsistent government policy,” Sims said.
There's only one minor problem of course with WestJet being the victim of the uncaring and nonsensical Justin Trudeau government: they have been aggressively chasing away their customers on a corporate level, and as individual employees similarly attacking customers on one hand and unionizing on the other.

Wait, I can hear you asking, what does that last bit have to do with anything? You didn't even provide a link.

In other words, Justin's evil government that cost WestJet employees their jobs was their idea this whole time. So why should taxpayers be on the hook for their benefits?

Leftist union support means WestJet employees should starve

It's time that we stopped giving those who provide support for disgusting organizations like CUPE a free ride. You make your bed with Jazz Meat Sing? You go lie in it. Let CUPE pay your wages during this "furlough" period. It is, after all, essentially strike pay. Think of it the business version of that old "bizarre suicide" gag from the early days of the internet.

Supporters of the Liberals and NDP need to start enduring the lion's share of the suffering their intrusive government policies are causing on citizens and the economy. Denying EI payments to workers at companies whose unions prop up the feds would be a great start.

Is there still time for President Trump to give Miranda Rosin the Medal of Freedom?

High Country News has been suffering some server issues because of the bandwidth, so here's Miranda Rosin's article in full:

Freedom in a Floundering World

If you are like me, you are likely wondering what this 2021 will look like. A short twelve months ago we embarked optimistically into our new decade as a province with unbounded confidence towards our economy and way of life. But our world has changed drastically since then. The simple, happy lives we freely lived have fallen victim to a never before seen virus and the decisions of worldly governments feebly attempting to slow its spread. Society has had serious conversations about legislation’s ability to force medical examinations and treatments. People are demanding that vaccines be made mandatory on the general populous. Businesses shutter in while the masses call for stay-in-place lockdown orders, and for the first time in our history as a Western world we are unable to go certain places in public without covering our face. At times it seems as though the distinguishable rights, freedoms and compassion that historically made me so proud to be Canadian are being diminished to no more than a memory lingering distantly in the back of my mind. I know I am not alone in feeling that way.

At stores, those who do not wear their masks quite properly or forget to hand sanitize upon entrance are sneered at with judgement by passersby, and sorting through the produce to find a pure, unblemished fruit has become a novelty of the past. Churches and religious institutions, the only places left where people can turn to for hope and community, are mocked and scorned for remaining open. Just the thought of receiving a hug, a gesture formally known to represent warmth and comfort, now horrifies some. Our precious little world has lost its way.

Over the past ten months we have seen nearly every democratic society in the Western world gamble away their longstanding values of freedom and self-determination in surrender to fear and uncertainty. I am proud to say that Alberta has not, but I do worry the wills of society are changing.

Our Government has worked hard to keep 85% of our economy open during even the worst of times and avoid far-reaching lockdowns, contrary to almost everywhere else. We have vowed never to make vaccines mandatory and will even be going so far as to repeal section 38(1)(c) of the Public Health Act which allows for such. I have personally fought back against the legality of forced treatments as Deputy Chair of the Public Health Act Review. Yet many amongst us are unhappy about these endeavors. What is scariest about the current state of our world is not that people have begrudgingly surrendered their personal freedoms to the Government, but that they have begged and pleaded for the Government to take them away even when it did not want to do so. To paraphrase a neighbor of ours, people have been societally conditioned over the past year to view freedom as selfishness. That is a sad realization to admit. They say it takes just three weeks to form a habit, and we are now ten months into COVID 19 behaviour.

Heading into 2021, our province faces a pivotal crossroads in our history. We may choose to follow the path that so many other jurisdictions have chosen and establish a permanent, deeply held reliance on the Government, looking to institutions for continued moral, emotional, and financial support, or we may return to the old normal we all knew and loved where people lived without fear of their future and walked with confidence. I know which of the two options I prefer.

Ronald Reagan famously said that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We don’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on.”

The fate of this new year and our future here on earth are the responsibility of no one other than ourselves to determine. As we embark into 2021, we must assess what kind of world we want to live in; what demands we may shortsightedly make of those with the ability to enact them and what the long- term consequences of those demands may be. We must also assess the role both ourselves and Government are expected to play in that world, and to what extent. We can get past COVID 19, but we need to want to do it.

The 20’s can still be our best years yet if we let them be. Stepping forward into this new year, let’s push for better. The future is in our hands, and with diligence and responsibility we can get our old normal back.

By Miranda Rosin, MLA

Note this great comment by Paul Lawson at the biased Calgary Herald coverage of the story amid all the Viro Fascists demanding Rosin be cancelled:

And of course we see the typical commenters against a politician actually suggesting that personal freedoms should be a consideration when governments impose rules and restrictions. Apparently trying to enjoy life rather than just to exist is considered selfish to some of the more bitter and angry commenters here. I assume in the name of safety these folks would also support 10 kph speed limits, the outlawing of drinking and smoking, and the elimination of any potentially dangerous recreational activities.