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There's no Calgary Stampede this year. Eleven years ago there was and I went.

Hot asian chicks seen in skirts, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and frilly tanktop: 190
Hot black chicks seen in skirts, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and frilly tanktop: 2
Sadly I've been looking through my photo archives and can't find the 2009 or 2012 Stampede photos (the last time I went).


Wuhan Flu "Systemic Racism" means an end to immigration

Last month I wrote about how, using Shiny Pony's own logic against him, Canada needs to end all immigration.

Well curiously enough, with the myth of systemic racism going round many of the same public policy points are true: if systemic racism is a problem in Canada, then why are we allowing any nonwhite immigrants into Canada?

The theory is that Canada is a horrible racist country. Again, your expert in these matters is a man by the name of Trudeau, from Queerbec. This is his theory. It says that Canada is horribly unfair to nonwhites, and that they are constantly mistreated and maligned to the point that their lives are in jeopardy. This isn't a "bad apples" thing either: by this theory everything in Canada is racist and causing them harm.

So the question becomes, why are we putting these blacks at risk by bringing them from Africa and the Caribbean to Canada? Yes yes, the immigration fetishists keep telling us about all the good immigrants can do, and whether they are right or wrong this is very ethnocentric of them. Even if immigration is so good for Canada, if it's bad for the immigrants we're being awfully scummy bringing so many of them in. And as usual by "we" I mean Rat Bastard 2.0 and the rest of the Laurentian Elite.

Okay, fine, if you're thinking about this for more than thirty seconds you'll also ask the question "wait if Canada is so bad why are they all coming here?" After all, this isn't 1911 where Canada basically conned Germans and Ukranians into moving out to Alberta by showing them false pictures of what Canada would be like. Presumably Kenyan immigrants to Toronto can WhatsApp and email friends back home saying "don't come here, it's so rayyyciiisttt" and the flow of immigrants would cease naturally.

If this logic sounds vaguely familiar by the way, We The Internet did a video about this just over a year ago:

The point stands: if these caring leftists were really so anxious to protect fragile ethnic minorities why are they not doing more to keep immigrants away from Trump's America. But if the racism is "systemic" then it's not Trump's America but just plain old America (or Canada, in this particular case). After all, if Canada is really that rotten, who could want to subject those poor dark skinned folks to such a hellhole?

Where's white guilt when you need it?


Happy (last) Birthday, America!

Today is Independence Day, the day that the Americans celebrate the birth of their country, even though it's basically just the day the Continental Congress agreed to the wording of the Declaration of Independence.

It's also possibly going to be the last one, if the shameful acts taking place in Vancouver on Canada Day is any indication.

I was hoping for nice weather to go down to the Devon Overpass, because Americans who have found their beaches recently closed can be taunted with photos. Alas, I'll just have to stick to bourbon whisky and Toby Keith records.

Bonus coverage: Mark Steyn has a 59 minute audio special about the "Glorious Fourth".

Green(back) Privilege

You want to talk about Privilege?

Okay, lets start with the Dollar Privilege.


Congrats to everybody!

I didn't think Operation Ship the Niggers Back to Africa and Make Them Think It Was Their Idea was going to work, but apparently I was wrong.

Edmonton Eskimos are 1-1 this week

This week the Edmonton Eskimos are 1-1 in their public relations. Obviously not on the field, since the CFL season is spiked due to the Wuhan Flu.

The win came today when the Eskimos confirmed that the name "Eskimos" will not be changed despite a lot of whining from the usual far-left groups. They believe that "Eskimo" is an offensive term. It isn't of course, but that's a fact and facts don't matter to these people. They just want to burn burn burn.

The most commonly accepted etymological origin of the word "Eskimo" is derived by Ives Goddard at the Smithsonian Institution, from the Montagnais word meaning "snowshoe-netter" or "to net snowshoes". The word assime·w means "she laces a snowshoe" in Montagnais. Montagnais speakers refer to the neighbouring Mi'kmaq people using words that sound like eskimo

In 1978, Jose Mailhot, a Quebec anthropologist who speaks Montagnais, published a paper suggesting that Eskimo meant "people who speak a different language". French traders who encountered the Montagnais in the eastern areas, adopted their word for the more western peoples and spelled it as Esquimau in a transliteration.

Some people consider Eskimo offensive because it is popularly perceived to mean "eaters of raw meat" in Algonquian languages common to people along the Atlantic coast. One Cree speaker suggested the original word that became corrupted to Eskimo might have been askamiciw (which means "he eats it raw"); the Inuit are referred to in some Cree texts as askipiw (which means "eats something raw").
That nobody who actually knows anything about languages finds it at all offensive is meaningless. It's like the recent controversy in Australia about Coon Cheese because some people like to call aborigines "coons" (which is unfair, it should be reserved exclusively for niggers). Coon Cheese is named after a dude with the surname Coon, but that fact doesn't hold these idiots back. They're allergic to facts. They don't want facts in the discussion because they'll lose the discussion (related: they also don't want a discussion).

The loss came earlier this week when the Green and Gold made the absolutely disgusting move of releasing Christion Jones for the "crime" of offending the NDP and speaking out against an evil and illegitimate lifestyle choice. Dyke MLA Janis Irwin complained about it, and after a brief period of refusing to apologize Jones made his one mistake: he made an apology. It didn't help, the Eskimos fired him for his deep-seated religious beliefs mere minutes later.

Never apologize Christion. Never.

Meanwhile though shame on the Eskimos: once you start succumbing to the mob they just intensify and move onto new targets. You'd think an organization endlessly under assault for a name incorrectly considered a racial slur would be a little more supportive of the people on the right side of history: people like me and Jones. Here's what Jones said, and it's worth mentioning I agree with every word of it because it is 100% true.

Man isn't supposed to be with a man. Woman isn't supposed to be with a woman. The choice they made is the wrong choice and they are fundamentally wicked for choosing it. They must change back or be changed back. Janis Irwin is only supposed to get dick and if she disagrees then her broken brain must be fixed to cure her of this incorrect orientation.

This is a huge own-goal, Eskimos. Faggots don't watch the CFL. Accommodating their sick delusions will never put their sodomitic butts into the seats at Commonwealth Stadium.


Defending yourself from the Antifa Riots

The Phantom Soapbox wants to know if you know that when the mob comes for you, you'll be helpless.

Canadians please note: This scenario will not go well for you if you are trying to protect your home and your family.
I remain unconvinced. If enough of us slaughter enough of them, it'll all be over.

Never mess with British Rail

I was rewatching the Season 12 NCIS episode "So It Goes" featuring a young Dr. Mallard (Adam Campbell, looking not horribly unlike young David McCallum as seen below) and his falling out with his crush and his best friend upon joining the British Army in 1968.

One early scene beings in a train station where Mallard is booking a train from London to Dover (which I've done as well, and highly recommend) and has to deal with a long-winded ticket booth operator (ha! irony!). It's a throwaway scene basically just there to introduce the setup and characters for the 1968 flashback portions of the episode. Normal people might forget it even existed a few days later.

Trainspotters are not normal.

Okay this isn't strictly speaking trainspotting as featured in Trainspotting: from the Railfan Wikipedia page (no, seriously):
Those who are "trainspotters" make an effort to "spot" all of a certain type of rolling stock. This might be a particular class of locomotive, a particular type of carriage or all the rolling stock of a particular company. To this end, they collect and exchange detailed information about the movements of locomotives and other equipment on the railway network, and become very knowledgeable about its operations.
This is more what David Mitchell discusses in his "British Attitude to Food" YouTube rant about how British men get obsessed with things like train numbers.

By "more what" I mean, of course, "precisely what". Because at least one obsessed British man has an entry in the "Goofs" section of the IMdB page for the episode about that scene that is as long as all other goofs combined, even the Doctor Who one (which David Mitchell might also comment on):
When Ducky is waiting at the station in flashback and Maggie walks in, there is an announcement for the next departure over the tannoy as they converse. The announcer states that the next departure from platform 3 calls at "Canterbury East, Ashford, Folkestone Central, Dover Priory, Dover Western Docks". Whilst these are all stations in Kent accessible from London it would not have been (and still is not) possible to take a single train from London to Dover via this route. Although there was once a line between Canterbury and Folkestone it actually ran from Canterbury West via South Canterbury on the Elham Valley Line, but this was pulled up in the mid 1950s and trains did not run direct from London to Dover via this line. Additionally trains from London via Ashford to Dover have always split at Ashford, usually into 'front 4 to Folkestone, rear 4 to Canterbury West' (not Canterbury East) - Ashford actually being the first of the stations listed on the announcement and being the last on the shared portion of the journey. Depending on which London station Ducky is supposed to be in (and sadly even small UK stations look nothing like the one portrayed in this scene, never mind a major station which would have been the starting point of Ducky's journey!) the train may also have called at additional London stations - for example the start of the line via Ashford would have been Charing Cross, the next station being Waterloo East, followed by London Bridge after which the train would call at Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Paddock Wood and Ashford then Canterbury West OR Folkestone Central and finally to Dover. Alternatively, if the train was going via Canterbury East then the London station would have to be Victoria and the train would be calling at Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Sittingborne, Faversham, Canterbury East, Dover Priory. And finally, although in its later years the station at Dover docks was indeed called Dover Western Docks, it was only named this in 1979 and prior to this was called Dover Marine. If Ducky was travelling via Folkestone there is also just as much chance that Ducky would have been travelling to Folkestone Harbour on the boat train as continuing to Dover.
I took the Victoria line, for those of you (almost certainly British) who are interested in it.


"All Cops Are Bastards" but it turns out moronic leftists need the bastards in their corner

"Squiggly Line Guy" shows more than a few examples of leftists, particularly of the Viro Fascist variety, who can't get enough of the cops:

Year after year, these same Leftists in Seattle who have promoted the ACAB phrase, have also voted for tougher gun laws. Every year like clockwork they cry,” we have to do something,” —as if they didn’t just do that the year before, and the year before. Banning streamlined private sales, enacting Red Flag Laws, and scapegoating the mentally ill who generally aren’t all that violent to begin with, Leftists love police enforcement.

In Snohomish County in Washington State, one county north of Seattle’s King County, Leftists have started a recall effort against Sheriff Adam Fortney, who refused to enforce the closing of businesses. They’re upset that police weren’t using heavy hands. These are also the same people who turned in businesses and neighbors to the state’s snitch site, which eventually was made public.

This week Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee issued an emergency directive requiring the use of masks in public in situations where six feet of social distancing cannot be maintained. Washington’s ACAB Leftists applauded this, which made non compliance a misdemeanor offense. To be enforced by police.
And the catch-all ending for almost every article these days:
If it weren’t for double standards, the Left wouldn’t have standards at all

Dominion Day 2020

As Mark Steyn noted on his Monday audio show (which featured a parody of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah), since "Canada Day" is now a scary racist and colonial holiday we might as well back to the original name (which, you probably note, I've been doing for years).

So indeed, it's now Dominion Day in the post-post-modern world where everything offends everybody. So fly your Red Ensign and loudly sing "The Maple Leaf Forever" this Dominion Day.

In days of yore, from Britain's shore,

Wolfe, the dauntless hero came,

And planted firm Britannia's flag,

On Canada's fair domain.

Here may it wave, our boast, our pride,

And joined in love together,

The thistle, shamrock, rose entwine

The Maple Leaf forever!

The Maple Leaf, our emblem dear,

The Maple Leaf forever!

God save our Queen, and Heaven bless,

The Maple Leaf forever!

At Queenston Heights and Lundy's Lane,

Our brave fathers, side by side,

For freedom, homes, and loved ones dear,

Firmly stood and nobly died;

And those dear rights which they maintained,

We swear to yield them never!

Our watchword evermore shall be,

The Maple Leaf forever!

Our fair Dominion now extends

From Cape Race to Nootka Sound;

May peace forever be our lot,

And plenteous store abound:

And may those ties of love be ours

Which discord cannot sever,

And flourish green o'er freedom's home

The Maple Leaf forever!

On merry England's far famed land

May kind heaven sweetly smile,

God bless old Scotland evermore

and Ireland's Em'rald Isle!

And swell the song both loud and long

Till rocks and forest quiver!

God save our Queen and Heaven bless

The Maple Leaf forever!
And yes, strangely enough it's hard to find any good recordings of "The Maple Leaf Forever". It literally doesn't seem to have been recorded in the digital age. Here's the Mormon Tabernacle Choir:


"I didn’t realize you were able to build the world’s sole superpower merely by picking cotton"

Two Taki Mag articles in two days, eh?

Well, Jim Goad's article from a couple weeks ago asking "Do Black Feelings Matter too much?" is definitely worth the price of admission.

I believe the current national crisis has not been caused by an undervaluation of black life but rather an unwarranted reverence for—and fear of—black people’s feelings. Despite the torrents of propaganda, there is no defamation of blacks in the media. Instead, it is constant unrealistic praise. Black Americans have received so much sympathy, they appear to be overdosing on it.

Obviously no one gives a shit about my feelings or those of any white male at this point. You’ve made that brutally clear. And yet we haven’t burned buildings over it. Maybe we’re less insecure? Maybe, despite all your efforts, we feel far less shame about our history than black people feel about theirs?
We hear all the time about black rage, but never about black shame. It’s almost as if they have nothing to be ashamed of and countless reasons to be proud.

I’ve long thought that what underlies black rage is black shame. After all, it would seem to be quite a blow to the self-esteem to have such a history of being conquered and exploited and always winding up on the bottom no matter where you go or who surrounds you. It might make one wonder why this has been so easy to do historically. It might even lead an introspective person to suspect the deficiencies might lie with themselves rather than with everyone else.
I've obviously asked the same about Red Indians vis a vis Residential Schools: why did the same model that worked in Britain and India fail in Canada? Is it possible your race has inferiority?
No, white boy, shut yo’ pasty pink mouth, because BLACK LIVES MATTER MORE THAN WHITE FEELINGS.

When it comes to feelings, white men face an impossible scenario—they are either presumed to not have feelings at all (because they’re monsters), or they’re mocked for expressing any feelings at all—boo-hoo-hoo, white boy, go drown in your tears. The only feeling they’re permitted to express is a deep and incurable sense of self-hatred.

Explain to me why I should care about the feelings of people who don’t care about mine. I can’t spare a single feeling for someone who wishes me dead.
I can't.

Why is the new Alberta Lieutenant-Governor evil?

Who's bright idea was it to choose a Lieutenant-Governor who worships Mohammed, the child raping fake prophet who worships Satan the enemy of the one true Lord?

This scum, after all, has been promoting the great funamental evils of public healthcare and education. And of course she's been involved with the Aga Khan...

Remember the immortal words of Kate McMillan: the great thing about only hiring old white guys is that you don't have to be labelled when you fire them.


Was the Wuhan Flu shutdown worth it?

According to the American Institute for Economic Research, the answer was no.

After 100 days, we are in a position for some preliminary analysis of the performance of locked down states versus those that did not lock down. AIER has already published the evidence that lockdown states had higher rates of unemployment.

The Sentinel, a nonprofit news source of the Kansas Policy Institute, confirms our research by reporting the following data: locked down states have overall a 13.2% unemployment rate, while open states have a 7.8% unemployment rate.
Alberta's unemployment rate in May was a shocking 15.5% by the way, and we were one of the lesser lockdown provinces.
In terms of health, locked down states have nearly four times the death rate from COVID-19.
So that's two negative aspects of the lockdown.

To be fair, as I noted elsewhere COVID isn't over so you can't just say "place X did better than place Y". The lockdown states will have smaller 2nd/3rd/9th waves and therefore may have gotten most of the deaths out of the way early, and the other states will catch up and surpass them. Let's still keep in the back of our head perhaps the most critical COVID issue that nobody looks at:

COVID-19 transmission rates increase along with your likelihood of dying.

Seriously, that one single aspect of the Wuhan Flu (if true) explains almost everything we've seen around us.
To be sure, many mitigating factors may exist. Open states may have had fewer long-term health facilities housing people with low life expectacies; in every state, these account for roughly half of all deaths from COVID-19. In fact, “deaths among a narrow 1.7% group of the population are greater than deaths from the other 98.3%.”

Population density between the states also varies and that could have been an explanatory variable. The open states also lacked governors who mandated that nursing homes accept active COVID-patients. Earlier this month, we published some more detailed research “Unemployment Far Worse in Lockdown States, Data Show” by economist Abigail Devereux who found similar results.

A routine trope in the media is that people who oppose lockdowns are pushing freedom and wealth over safety and health. But as we can see from this clean examination of the results, the open states experienced less economic pain and less pain from the disease itself.

Peak outrage

Did you know this is being spread legitimately by people who missed the watermark?

Unrelated: Coke is upset that your social media accounts aren't being censored enough.

I called a black guy the N-word" yesterday: Not-Employable.

Two years ago, David Cole noted that saying "nigger" is now an act of justifiable defiance.

Lamar specifically chose a white girl to come up on stage to perform with him. And he specifically chose “m.A.A.d. City” as the number to be performed. So, as requested, she began to recite the lyrics. And when she said “nigga,” Lamar stopped the show and publicly humiliated her, encouraging the audience to boo and insult her as he scolded her for doing exactly what he’d asked her to do. By the next day, the girl had been threatened and harassed off social media. That the woman in question is rotund and unattractive only made it worse, as she proved perfect grist for the meme mill.
Race aside, let’s focus on the unequal power dynamics at play here. A multimillionaire rapper humiliated, scolded, and whipped up a hate mob against an absolute nobody who wielded zero power in the situation. Remember the days when leftists claimed to side with the powerless and disenfranchised, regardless of race? But today’s media elites not only sided with Lamar, they actually applauded him for bullying the girl. Mind you, these same elites will no doubt extol the virtues of Spike Lee’s upcoming film BlaKkKlansman, which is filled with white actors saying “nigger.” Because those actors are just “playing a part.” But isn’t singing a song roughly the same thing? Does one actually have to be an American-born Vietnam vet to sing “Born in the U.S.A.”? I’ve karaoke’d to “Bohemian Rhapsody” more times than I can recall, but you know what? I’ve never actually killed a man in real life. What’s the difference between a white chick saying “nigga” while reading song lyrics at the request of the author, and a white guy in a Spike Lee film doing the same while reading from the script? In both instances, the whites are reciting the words of a black man at the request of the black man.

And if was true two years ago, it's easily 8x more true now, so it's even more important. You may note that, perhaps remembering reading this column when it first came out, I have been more aggressive both on this blog and in real life with saying "nigger". Because they tell us we aren't allowed to. And they don't get to decide that.


Doesn't that make you feel better?

In the #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker era, I think we can mathematically express the new importance of speaking up by using the formula ex, where "x" is the number of years since an article talking about how important it is to speak up against censorship by saying something: since May 29 was 2 years and 1 month ago (2.0833 years), then e2.0833 = 8.03119499. That sounds about right.

Meanwhile, on L'Affaire Lamar Jeremy Helligar writes in Variety:
Even today, for many of us, when a white person utters the N-word, it’s like the sound of a whip slapping the back of a slave. Because of its loaded history, it will never be OK for white people to use the N-word (not even if it’s Eminem, though he inexplicably seems to get a pass from the hip hop community), no matter what the circumstance.
Well shit, if the mere word nigger to you is like a whip slapping the back a slave then let's just re-introduce both whips and slavery until you can figure out the difference, Jeremy.



Purportedly in order to allow for affirmative action (despite all the evidence it makes everybody worse off), California has proposed changing the State Constitution to allow racial discrimination.

If you think you read that wrong, you aren't alone. Jon Miltimore at the Foundation for Economic Education and Guy Birchall in RT both were equally credulous.

It's worth noting, of course, that a theoretical future California government could institute a "Black Lives Aren't Worth $10,000" bill mandating all employers cap black employees salaries at $9,999 per year and while it may fall afoul of federal regulations, if it happens to be in a state-regulated industry there will be no legal ability to block it through the courts.

Is this the "anti-racism" future they really want? Apparently so. As Miltimore puts it:
equality before the law is arguably the greatest pillar of a liberal society. It’s an idea that reaches back across time and civilizations, from philosophers like Guan Zhong (720 B.C. - 645 B.C.) to historians such as Thucydides, who at the funeral of Pericles stated, “If we look to the laws, they afford equal justice to all in their private differences; if to social standing, advancement in public life falls to reputation for capacity, class considerations not being allowed to interfere with merit; nor again does poverty bar the way.”

Equality before the law is at the heart of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the enumerated rights carved out by the General Assembly of the United Nations at its third session in 1948. In Article 7, it states clearly and proudly: "All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law.”

To abandon such a principle is to abandon a cornerstone of the Enlightenment and classical liberalism, one of the greatest individual rights that has protected individuals from arbitrary rule and government abuse for centuries.
Zhong? Thucydides? 1948???? All just tossed aside in the "dead white male equals bad" brainless paradigm of these idiots. The measure has to go onto a ballot, but whether or not it will be successful it's important to remember that it even got this far.

The Truth about Tamir Rice and Elijah McClain

Extremist activists behind #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFuckers are now making a big deal about a couple old deaths.

One of them is Elijah McClain from Colorado who died while fighting with police who never drew their weapon.

The other is Tamir Rice, a 12 year old kid who was playing with a cap gun.

In the case of McClain, the first thing to remember is even though he hadn't committed a felony he was being questioned as he met the description of a suspicious person complaint: he was wearing a ski mask (it was in Colorado....in August) and waving his arms around. Upon being questioned he violently attacked the officers to such an extent that he knocked some of their body cameras off. The footage before his death showed he initiated the fight. No officers drew their guns: like George Floyd he seemed to have a drug problem as he was vomiting several times after the scuffle. He either died of an allergic reaction to the ketamine paramedics administered to sedate him (even when down he was extremely violent), or an asthma attack.

Rice, on the other hand, wasn't just playing with a cap gun: it had been illegally modified to resemble a real gun by removing the orange identification caps. He was pointing it at passerbys and then at officers with aggressive "I'm preparing to fire" body language such as lining up the sights and entering a stiffened stance. Additionally, and here's the next bit people don't know, Rice was 12 years old, but was 5'7" and 195 lbs, 3 pounds and 2 inches smaller than the average American 20 year old. Indeed, the photo below shows both the toy gun with the cap removed, and the real life Colt M1911 it was meant to emulate.

You may see "Colt M1911" on the top gun, but guess what? It's the fake. The point being that none of the defenses against this shooting hold water: he certainly wasn't a "little boy" and he was holding what appeared to be a legitimately lethal firearm.

In both the cases of McClain and Rice, the facts still support what has been the conservative position this whole time: there is no systemic racism causing blacks to be unfairly shot by police. Almost every case, once you hear the story about it, is about a violent nigger who behaved badly and died as a result of it. Unfortunately, the far-left keeps screaming this lie because of how effective it is: Colorado initiated a new witch hunt to try and endlessly search for a crime to charge the officers with in the McClain case (even though if there was any error it was the paramedic). The Tamir Rice case will be more difficult as the officers were already charged and a Grand Jury dropped them, but you know the #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFuckers psychos will be braying for this.

Not entirely unrelated: As part of the general allegy to the truth these far-left activists are known for, one of the big pushers for this is Kristen Clarke, who has been leading the charge to get VDARE banned from the internet for the crime of speaking truth to her ugly group's power.

Queen of Blades

I had always known that Glynnis Talken Campbell had lost her job as Nancy Sarah Kerrigan's voice actor in the years between StarCraft and StarCraft 2.
Fans who attended BlizzCon last year or watched the Kerrigan reveal trailer on YouTube were overjoyed when Campbell's voice purred from the shadows towards the end of the clip, assuming that it signaled a return of the character's original voice. Sadly, this isn't so. According to Campbell, the voice work done in that trailer was considered an audition for the role, and Blizzard has decided to go in another direction.

Glynnis has now confirmed with StarCraft Legacy that Blizzard has red-lighted her reappearance as Sarah Kerrigan.
Well, it just figures, doesn't it? Blizzard just gave me my Dear John phone call. Basically, it was "We can still be friends—we just don't want to see you anymore." Ha ha! Ah well...that's showbiz. Anyway, thank you for a wonderful and touching article—it's a great going away present, and I'll cherish it.
Along with this sad news, it also seems that the original voice of Jim Raynor, Robert Clotworthy, will not be reprising his role in the sequel either, though Raynor's increased age and newly acquired drinking problem might have played a part in the new casting.
I had heard the rumour before that Campbell's increased age and cigarettes had been the reason for the switch. The Kotaku article claims it apparently applied to Clotworthy as well, however Clotworthy is the Raynor voice actor in both games.

In the GameFAQs article I linked to above user DSMobster quips:
They used her voice in an early trailer and it sounded fine.
Then they told her to **** off and got a new VA because they wanted to make sure that the voice was as stereotypical as her dialogue
GraniteOctopus follows up with:
simply put they put in tricia helfer because shes famous and stupid people want to do things to her.

For those wondering what things people would want to do with Tricia Helfer...

This day in (blog) history

Ten years ago today I compared Taylor Hall and Taylor Lautner.

So this is a good time to tell my Taylor Hall/Jason Strudwick story.

Years ago Martok and I were out drinking on Whyte Ave on weekend night, having a good time, drinking beers and crushing pussy, all that fun stuff. Anyways I think we were calling it an early night, it was sometime before 2am when we went to Funky Pickle for a bite of late night eating. As usual I waited until a good pizza came along (something with lots of meat and absolutely no artichoke hearts or creamed corn) so we were in there for a little longer than usual. On our way out Martok asked me if I'd noticed who was in the pizza place with us. It was Oilers 4th liner Jason Strudwick.

This is a live photo we took at the time. It has not been digitally altered.
We were walking past a smoker who informed us that Jason Strudwick had been inside Funky Pickle for hours hitting on everything with legs, and without success. It was a funny little story and we never would have thought anything of it except for what happened next. We continued westbound past the abandoned lot which is now the Raymond Block, and just after we passed the Tim Hortons (I can't remember if we passed Scotiabank or not) we came across this asian kid coming the other way. Mere minutes after finding out about Jason Strudwick unsuccessfully picking up fatties at the Funky Pickle, he excitedly tells us about other Oilers out and about:
I just saw Taylor Hall drive by in a limo and he had two hot blondes on either side of him!
Artists representation, obviously. Not a real photo.

You've perhaps heard of the old baseball adage that home run hitters drive Cadillacs and singles hitters drive Fords. This is the Edmonton Puckbunny version of that adage: Hart-candidate first liners get limos with blondes, 4th line grinders strike out at the Funky Pickle.


Might as well have kept the Red Ensign then...

The Post Millennial reports that a Halifax newspaper worries that putting a Canadian flag in their newspaper could upset people and warned them ahead of time.

I mean, I hate the Canadian flag and would never fly it, but it seems slightly bizarre that the left would sign onto the same thinking. Will they join me in flying the Alberta flag on Wednesday instead?

Tech bias? What tech bias?

Big Tech's far-left impulses take another step with Instagram ruling Christian pastors are "harmful to the community" in a way that leftists blathering about merely killing conservatives isn't.

Not possibly related to all the niggers looting their product

Nike reported a surprise loss.

A lot of this, of course, is falling out of the Wuhan Flu. But it's also partly a reminder that you can hire the woke man of the hour to be your spokesman and still lose out in the end: especially when you're being looted and never will sell a shoe to a Colin Kapernick fan ever again anyways.