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The proper argument to Mayor Jack Crompton

CIBC and CNRL, both of which have wasted billions of dollars fighting nonexistent global warming as a form of virtue signaling, at the very least recently had enough backbone to stand up to Whistler's faggy mayor Jack Crompton and his far-left anti-oil letter.

Mayor Jack Crompton posted a video apology to Facebook on Thursday after Postmedia reported on his letter to Calgary-based Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.

“I sincerely regret that anyone felt unwelcome here,” he said. “We recognize there are hundreds of thousands of Canadians who work directly and indirectly in the oil and gas sector and they are very proud of the work they do.”

In the letter, Crompton asked CNRL pay a “fair share” of the town’s “costs of climate change,” including part of a $1.4-million wildfire protection budget.

But the apology hasn’t stopped investors from cancelling their trips to Whistler for the 21st annual CIBC Whistler Institutional Investor Conference in January, and Postmedia has learned CIBC has cancelled the oil and gas sector’s part of the conference.

“The Canadian energy industry has been a global leader of responsible energy development,” CIBC said in a statement. “We are committed to our clients in the energy sector as they play a key role in driving the Canadian economy.”
Lots of people are giving Crompton loads of well-deserved shit over his ridiculous comments: a large strain of them however are missing the mark.
Barb Foster
The only thing better would have been shutting off the NG to Whistler. You know, so they could their part
Don Mustill
Nothing - absolutely NOTHING will satisfy the eco-nuts short of leaving all fossil fuels in the ground. We should round up a throng of these zeolots and put them in an isolated community of huts with no electricity and fuel. Give them bows and arrows and wish them luck.
This strain of comments is equally prevalent in the SmallDeadAnimals comments about the story:
old white guy
no shortage of stupid out there . tell the s o b that he has to live without oil and gas immediately. stupid, stupid, stupid.
Canadian Observer

Whistler only exists because of the recreation industry. How much fossil fuels have been burned over the years by millions of people traveling to Whistler for nothing more than fun? Air flights from around the world, billions of kms driven from Vancouver to Whistler, all the power consumed for hotels, lifts, heating, lighting, grooming equipment, etc, etc. Hell, they get about half their employees from far-flung Australia. I doubt they kayak there.

Whistler and other cities blaming the oil industry for the ‘effects of climate change’ is kinda like alcoholics blaming the liquor store for the effects of their own excessive drinking.
While it's true that climate idiots like Crompton denounce fossil fuels while living with the benefits of them, and even living on the avails of them, that isn't the strongest argument. For one thing, the same argument can be used against conservatives opposed to public healthcare. Realistically nobody in Whistler can live without fossil fuels, same as how no Canadian conservative can survive without patronizing the public healthcare monopoly that he hates.

The problem isn't that fossil fuel haters in Whistler are themselves using fossil fuels but instead that they actually think there's a massive problem with fossil fuels to begin with and that their lives would be improved if we all used them as little as absolutely necessary. That's the argument that needs to be addressed at the source, not through lazy "hypocritical" attacks. The fact is, of course, that "global warming" isn't happening. Even if it was happening, we aren't causing it. Even if it was happening and we were causing it, trying to stop it would be insanely expensive and leave the world worse off than it was to begin with.

When it comes to Whistler though there's a bigger factor to consider: even if climate change is happening and CNRL is partly responsible, Whistler isn't hurt by a warming climate.

If you remember, back a few years ago the Global Warming Lying Scientists were claiming that climate change would leave ski hills high and dry. The New York Times told you lies about this in 2007. In 2008 it was serial liar Sean Gordon in the Red Star telling more lies than he even usually told.

Pathetic liar Sean Gordon at least told his lies for 2040, though. Useless liar Mark Landler, presently misreporting from the Trump White House, dared to mention 2020 back in 2006, which means we can outright catch him in a lie. We're basically at 2020 right now, and Landler's Fake News article said:
Climatologists, however, say the warming trend will become dramatic by 2020. The new studies are alarming, suggesting that the Alps are warming twice as fast as the average in the rest of the world.
So how are the Alps doing at the dawn of 2020? Oh, well, um, March 2018 saw record snowfalls.
In November, December and January it snowed intensively. From the end of December until the end of January between 2.5 and five metres of snow fell at locations above 2,000 metres.

Most snow fell in the canton of Valais with the ski resorts of Saas-Fee and Zermatt both recording their highest snowfall for 70 years in January.

The extreme weather resulted in Zermatt and several other villages being cut off from the outside world for days on end.
So much for the Alps. But maybe Whistler has been abnormally hit by low snow winters. After all, I went there in 2015 and the snow was sub-par. Is Whistler in the middle of a decade of decline and CNRL is killing them?
January 22, 2018 12:15pmSome of B.C.’s ski hills received so much snow this weekend, they were actually forced to close.

Snow fell all weekend and overnight Sunday, overwhelming some of the mountains and making conditions unsafe.
At Whistler Blackcomb, nearly 60 centimetres of snow fell overnight Saturday and high winds and avalanche danger forced the mountain to close chairlifts and limit operations.Global BC meteorologist Mark Madryga says there is a gap between systems Monday and it will be much drier through the evening.

However, another system is coming Tuesday and again Wednesday night.
Whoops. Looks like the 2017/2018 ski season didn't look to be killed by global warming. Well, maybe Jack Crompton is a goldfish and he just forgot about what happened in January. Is this year...oh...wait...just three months ago Whistler got overwhelmed with a fall snowstorm.

The reality is that Whistler isn't suffering any impact of "climate change". As a result, even if CNRL was solely responsible for all of it, they have no reason at all to pay Whistler a thin red dime.

Jack Crompton is an idiot whose campaign is based on lies, and he needs to be attacked for that, not for how hypocritical he would have been if his letter featured any facts.


The 106th Grey Cup -- FACLC has to pay money to watch two teams he hates

After a painfully long wait caused in part by the 100th Grey Cup having to be in Buttfuck Toronto, and the Canada 150 Grey Cup having to be in Goddamn Trudeauland Ottawa, Edmonton once again is hosting a Grey Cup.

And who's playing? Yes, that's right: the team based in the city we all hate because the MPs who destroy our lives with pipeline blockings and M103 freedom destructons all gather there. And then Calgary, who's only two saving graces are Highway 2 North and that they shut down their faggy mayor's bid to bring in the Olympics.

On the other hand, Edmonton remains the premier Grey Cup host in the country, so after a weekend of partying (and being slightly offended that you could get "Screeched In" west of Winnipeg in an event that was to celebrate the new CFL team in Halifax which also isn't in Newfoundland) the actual game is coming up.

I did bet money on it, so I might as well Kentucky Derby style put my predictions in now.

My alternate prediction: hours before the game all players on both teams fail their league mandated steroid tests, and then all the BC Lions, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Hamilton Tiger Cats, Toronto Argonauts, and Montreal Alouettes players also fail the steroid tests, and the CFL grants the Eskimos the Cup.


Happy Thanksgiving/Columbus Day

As usual, we celebrate turkey day in Canada by scoffing at pro-Injun activists and their baseless attacks on Chris Columbus, the man who made our modern world the wonder it was (and could be again).


Naomi Toppin - remember this name

For a future series, the 14-year-old girl police say was forcibly abducted in Edmonton's name is Naomi Toppin.

Akbar said the suspect and teen were both co-operating with police. The suspect’s name was not released after the arrest was made, but earlier on Friday, police identified the suspect as Jacques Sennesael.

An Amber Alert that had been issued was lifted after Edmonton police said the 14-year-old girl, whom they initially alleged was the victim of a “forcible abduction” on Friday afternoon, had been found safe.
Jacques Sennesael, even if later found to be innocent, will continue to have his name tied with this story in the etherwebs until the day civilization falls.

Naomi Toppin's name, on the other hand, will not. And I'm developing a keen awareness (especially in the ages of #MeToo and the Kavanaugh Witch Hunts) that the names of kids in Amber Alerts need to be saved for posterity since there's a good chance Naomi's name will come across our attention here at Third Edge of the Sword World Headquarters in North Bethesda, Maryland.


Chicago Cubs Game #162 liveblog: did Russell's lying wife Kavanaugh the season?

1:10pm: Coming up, the Chicago Cubs take on the St. Louis Cardinals in the final regular season game of 2018. The Cubs are already in the "playoffs" but with the two wildcard format there's a huge difference between a wildcard spot and a pennant. This morning for the first time since July the Cubs weren't first place in the NL Central (or NL in general for that matter), as the Cardinals kept their season alive (at least until the Dodgers won) and the Brewers beat down the hapless Tigers in Saturday action. Now the Cubbies are on the ropes again and much like the Eskimos their incredible offensive talents have dried up entirely in the month of September.

1:17pm: Speaking of which, wasn't yesterday one of the worst sports days in ages? The Cubs lost, the Brewers won, and the Eskimos were humiliated against the Blue Bombers. The only bright spot was the Oilers beating the Flames in preseason action, and that doesn't even count really because it's preseason action and preseason results don't correlate at all with regular season performance in the NHL. I guess Kevin Koe's win yesterday is the closest we can come to good news yesterday.

1:20pm: Not an auspicious start for the day, the Roughriders are beating the Alouettes. Meanwhile the Tigers just left men on base. A Brewers loss and Chicago win will give the Cubs the pennant. Flaherty vs Montgomery are your pitchers for today.
1:22pm:Carpenter is up to bat first and hits a double to kick things off. A 'slight mist' in Chicago today, which beats Edmonton which just broke 0C.

Great bunt attempt that fortunately does result in the first out, even though Carpenter now is on third.

1:26pm: Damn, Montgomery gives up another hit and Carpenter easily scores. 1-0 Cardinals.

1:29pm: 2-0 Cardinals after an error in centre-field. I guess at least it avoids another hit against Montgomery.

1:30pm: Pop fly ends the inning but the damage has been done.

1:33pm: Leadoff walk for the Cubs, Murphy is on first base.

1:34pm: Has Flaherty even thrown a strike yet? Whoops, there's his first I think.

1:35pm: Zobrist had what sounded like a great hit but was easily caught in right. Baez is up.

1:39pm: The NBC Sports crew is discussing the pitcher management: right now Milwaukee is winning 2-0 and the Cubs are losing 2-0. Do you bring out your relievers early? My instincts say no but then again I'm not a big league manager. I'd hate to see the Cubs wear out their bullpen tonight just to win a game that might leave them tied with Milwaukee and having to play tomorrow as well.

1:40pm: After a wild pitch by Flaherty the question is flipped for the Cards: how much work do you put into winning the game? Do you throw out your pitcher's arms for a meaningless game?

Baez dumbly tries to run for home and is tagged out at the plate. Inning over, still 2-0 Cardinals.

1:43pm: Cardinals don't challenge this play with Munoz being called out even though it's likely he was safe. Hopefully that comes back to bite them.

1:45pm: Cubs do not look to have any fire in them so far today. Montgomery isn't pitching like the season depends on it for sure.

1:49pm: That ump does have a great Strike Three call! Carpenter struck out and the Cardinals held scoreless in the top of the 2nd. 2-0 Cardinals remains the score.

1:56pm: Schwarber strikes out to end the bottom of the second about the same way the top ended.

2:00pm: DeJong looks awfully confident even when hitting foul balls.

2:01pm: DeJong also looked confident hitting a ball to the ivy for a double. Montgomery is done for the day.

2:04pm: O'Neill at bat, Webster is now the pitcher. Sometimes a pitching change can really change the tenor of the match. This is not feeling like one of those changes

2:05pm: Webster does start off with a strikeout, which is sort of the best possible thing a pitcher can do, so maybe I was being a little pessimistic.

2:06pm: Next at-bat is one of the worst, a HBP. So maybe my pessimism was called for after all.

2:08pm: Still 2-0 Cardinals after Zobrist clumsily nabs a hit to RF by Bader.

NBC is talking about the silver lining: if the Cubs and Brewers do play tomorrow, there's a chance the Rockies and Dodgers will be doing the same. And then whichever NL Central team ends up the wildcard will host the team that has to fly out from LA the previous night.

2:15pm: Finally a hit goes the Cubs way: Murphy splits the outfielders and gets to second base.

2:16pm: So it's time to discuss the question at the top of the post: is the recent (unfounded) allegations by Russel's ex-wife timed specifically to harm Russell and his team? It smells a lot like the Brett Kavanaugh affair: allegations that don't seem to match the facts on the ground (read: the bitch is probably lying) and released just in time to cause maximum disruption. You can read the slut's attempt at fiction here. The funny thing is both USA Today and mlbtraderumors.com describe her allegations as "detailed" when they cannot be possibly described as such. There was no detail, there was if anything less detail than Ford's lying story about Kavanaugh who apparently did something to her somewhere at some time in the 80s. Here we have:

April 2017, he betrayed me once again
This is our 'detailed history' that has cost the Cubs one of their key players until at minimum the postseason. If the Cubs are playing baseball next weekend and Russell is still on administrative leave, their chances of winning the NLCS is in jeopardy. If the Cubs aren't playing baseball next weekend the question will become whether the punishment fits the 'crime'. Even if Russell is found guilty in court years from now, will it be fair to punish him at this early stage in the investigation? If Russell is found not guilty or indeed never goes to trial, how the hell can the MLB justify costing him and his employer the benefit of his circumstances?

2:17pm: Zobrist has looked awkward all day in everything he does. Jesus Ben, is your wife going to make outrageous claims on Instagram next?

2:18pm: Zobrist still looked awkward on that triple. On the other hand, it was a triple. 2-1 Cardinals.

2:19pm: The crowd sounds alive for the first time since that original Carpenter at-bat. A wild pitch allows Zobrist to slide into home easily and it's now a 2-2 tie!

2:20pm: Unfortunately Baez still is having lousy at-bats.

2:22pm: Fortunately Flaherty is having a worse one and walks him. Cardinals have relievers warming up. I guess this is the last game of their season so why not exercise the whole bullpen and give their fans the thrill of possibly watching them torpedo their rivals from Chicago?

2:23pm: Keep Baez honest by throwing to Carpenter? Sure...but Baez hadn't even taken an inch off the bag and didn't appear that keen to do so. The crowd groans and laughs.

2:26pm: Rizzo hits his 100th RBI as this time Baez actually scores on his run home. 3-2 Cubs.

2:27pm: Bryant is intentionally walked to be Flaherty's final batter.

2:31pm: Heyward's hit makes it 4-2 Cubs as Rizzou scores.

2:34pm: Schwarber ends his second consecutive inning but the damage is done. 4-2 Cubs remains your score.

Munoz hits a foul ball to the right hand side which ends up caught by a Cardinals fan, appropriately enough.

2:42pm: Garcia is out with a swing so wild that he puts into such a show that the umpire doesn't bother with his own theatrics. Cardinals held scoreless three innings in a row now. 4-2 Cubs but the Brewers are also winning their game 3-0.

2:48pm: Mills tries a golf swing there.

2:50pm: Dodgers winning 14-0 in the fifth inning. Wasn't there a Cleveland Indians game like that just a couple weeks ago?

3:01pm: Mills strikes out Tyler O'Neill. 4-2 Cubs. Meanwhile the Dodgers (14-0 lead) and the Rockies (7-0 lead) are definitely poised to face off tomorrow which may make facing off against Milwaukee tomorrow easier to swallow.

3:03pm: Baez with a lame hit that fortunately slips past the Cardinals fielders.

3:06pm: Cubs offense is starting to look dangerous again. Rizzou's double puts two Cubs in scoring position with no outs.

3:08pm: Another at-bat, another hit! Kris Bryant hits a 2-RBI double and it's now 6-2 Cubs!

3:09pm: Heyward is the first Cubs out of the inning.

3:11pm: Conteras home run! He and Bryant both come home on that play and now it's 8-2 Cubs with two outs in the bottom of the 5th.

3:12pm: I thought that was iffy. The umpires are conferring now but it appears this home run will be called back.

3:13pm: Umpires seem to think they won't review without a challenge, and the home run stands. 0-2 count to Mills. If the inning continues after this batter the Cubs own this game.

3:14pm: Score is now 8-2 Cubs at the end of the 5th inning.

The Cardinals offense finally comes alive on a double by Wisdom.

3:23pm: Mills' control seem suspect now, 1-2 count turns into a walk. Runners on first and second with no outs.

3:24pm: Mills is done for the day. This IBM commercial Sportsnet keeps playing is getting more and more annoying.

3:25pm: Carl Edwards Jr, whose name on the scoreboard was a big part of the earlier home run drama, is now your pitcher for the Cubs. Mills still owns the baserunners obviously.

3:27pm: Another wild pitch, this one moves the baserunners to second and third. This kills any chance of a strikeout followed by a double play. Not good.

3:28pm: Indeed a Munoz hit scores two runs. Bad play there, should have stuck with Mills to my armchair quarterback eye. Score is now 8-4 Chicago Cubs. Brewers are winning 4-0 so Cubs need to keep pace.

3:30pm: A classic double play by the Cubs there hopefully stalls any offensive push by the Cardinals.

3:34pm: It's embarrassing to say this but I just realized the Brewers-Tigers game is interleague. That's weird as the final series of the season, isn't it? Oh, and Carl Edwards Jr. is done for the day as well. Looks like Maddon had very very little faith in him.

3:36pm: Carpenter is back up to the plate. Cubs need to shut this guy down.

Rosario really tried to sell that pitch as a strike in his "inning is over isn't it" strut. Nice try, but you aren't winning an Oscar for that performance (also: the Oscar winner will be a shitty actor who speaks out against God-Emperor Donald Trump).

3:39pm: That pitch is more legit, and Carpenter is out. 8-4 Cubs going into the bottom of the sixth inning.

3:45pm: Baez is looking better in the back half of this game with a 2-out double.

3:46pm: It's only 4:45pm local time in Chicago, why does it look so dark?

Milwaukee now leading 8-0. Cubs fans seem awfully nervous and quiet with a 4-run lead in the sixth inning, don't they? I don't blame them.

Dakota Fanning Hudson is on the mound for St. Louis. The Cubs should score 30 runs against this guy, Kris Bryant being the first candidate.

3:52pm: Carpenter with a bad throw to first, Hudson couldn't do anything with it and Bryant is safe on first. Oh, yeah, and Baez runs home on the play. 9-4 Cubs.

3:54pm: Heyward is overdue for an offensive output. A 2-1 count with 2 outs and runners on the corners should help with that.

3:55pm: Heyward draws a walk to load the bases. Has Almora Jr. ever hit a grand slam? With only 5HR on the season I'm guessing no.

3:56pm: Almora's broken bat hit is badly fielded by Wisdom and a run scores and the bases remain loaded. 10-4 Cubs.

3:57pm: Sixth inning comes to a close but the Cubs extend the lead to six runs again. 10-4 Cubs.

Martinez with a hit to the wall but only a single. Good old Wrigley. I think Telus Field is bigger.

4:06pm: Surprisingly this is only my second beer of the game: it's a "Honey Cream Ale" called "Switch Point" from Siding 14 in Ponoka. It's not bad.

4:07pm: DeJong is the first out of the 7th inning. Double play is now an option.

4:09pm: O'Neill hits a single, so runners on first and second. That double play is still an option, guys. Hint hint hint...

4:12pm: With Milwaukee running away with their game (10-0, top of the 8th) this six run game looks scary. Fortunately Kintzer strikes out Wisdom to make it a little less scary.

4:13pm: See? Still scary though. Baez's throw isn't fast enough and Bader loads the bases with two outs. Pitching change coming up.

4:17pm: Cishek is trying that weird side throwing nonsense. It's the 162nd game of the year, you can't afford to be cute and let a guy get up 3-1 on you.

4:19pm: Sure thing, hit the batter and let them score. No biggie, just the season on the line. 10-5 Cubs

4:21pm: STRIKEOUT! Imagine how awesome that would have been without allowing the run? The ground crew is doing the traditional "last" seventh inning stretch. Who will do it tomorrow?

4:22pm: Shouldn't baseball be adding more stretches with recent research indicating you shouldn't sit for more than an hour at a time?

4:30pm: Milwaukee won their game 11-0. If the Cubs lose this afternoon it will be the second worst loss Detroit has in September while giving the other team the pennant. Cubs go 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 7th, still 10-5 Cubs.

That was a nifty little play to get Carpenter out.

4:39pm: With (hopefully) only one full inning left to go, Martinez keeps the 8th alive after a hit to second base that Baez just can't play properly.

4:45pm: Still scary! But a hit to deep right is caught by Heyward and it's now 10-5 Cubs going into the Bottom of the 8th.

4:54pm: NINTH INNING HERE WE COME. 10-5 Cubs.

4:58pm: Neat. Cubs have the first pitch of 2018 and the last pitch of 2018 (excepting tomorrow's 162nd game).

4:59pm: Wisdom strikes out and the Cubs are 6 outs away from playing a 163rd game.

5:01pm: Bader's wild swing leaves the Cubs one more out away. Everybody put your caps on inside out!

5:03pm: Munoz walks, so there's a runner on first with two outs.

5:04pm: Munoz at second, Pena fouls so it's now a 1-2 count with 2 outs.

Is Bill Murray in the crowd? I think I saw that guy from whatever show that was, he badmouthed Edmonton on Jimmy Kimmel.

5:06pm: It's now a full count. Two outs. Runner on second. Cubs nursing a 5-run lead...

5:07pm: Pena pops out and it's a 10-5 Cubs win. We're going to Game 163!

5:10pm: So the Cubs went into this game with big questions about their offense. I think those questions are still mostly valid, but at least a taste of what this team can do. It's also useful that the Cubs went through 9 pitchers today but none really had a long outing, and the heart of the bullpen is rested. Obviously I won't be liveblogging tomorrow's game since that whole "Monday at 11am means I'm at work" thing will interfere, but hopefully in 24 hours the Cubs have another NL pennant under their belts.

5:18pm: That actor is Brian Posehn by the way and there's no indication he's a Cubs fan. Here he is on Conan talking about Edmonton and how he destroyed a toilet here at his Yuk Yuks show. This reminds me again that I still haven't told my Andy Dick story. Regardless, I'm calling this a night for now. The Cubs win, the season is extended, and at least today is a slightly better sports day than yesterday was. Around the league by the way the Yankees did crack 100 wins but stalled out there as Boston beat them again tonight. The Red Sox are the AL Champs, Cleveland Indians scalped the shit out of the competition and easily won their division, with Houston and Atlanta your other two division leaders. Both the Rockies/Dodgers and Brewers/Cubs games still have to be played before we can call this a season.


Copenhagen (not the chew)

Finally an update has been posted about last night's story of Copenhagen being completely shut down for a manhunt that's meant to sound like part of an attempted murder plot.

The terrorism angle has been really patted down (Boston airport on September 11th style) with this update just posted by TheLocal, a Swedish newspaper.

But other than that, all the news on this issue seems to be still from last night.

So if the Muslims who stole a car in a Sweden are unrelated to the Muslims who caused the Copenhagen manhunt, do we have two cases of simultaneous terrorism? One? Zero?

Probably not that last one.


The poofters who haven't died for their sins are walking for them.

I thought that the faggot parade was in June.

(yes that's right, the joke that works not once but twice a year!)


Let the Eastern Bastards Freeze Drown in the Dark

Soaking rain and strong winds in southern Ontario Thursday caused power outages in the Greater Toronto Area and forced officials to close roads due to flooding.


CBC #FakeNews lies about Trump travel boycott

Maybe I missed it, but where are the CBC archived articles about conservative Canadians boycotting the United States during eight years of President Monkey?