From your mom

Dilbert author Scott Adams wonders whether the future cure to sexless marriages might just be polgyamy. (it isn't his first foray into the subject).

It has Adam's usual decent mix of comedy, social commentary, and some of his crazier-than-shit thinking. The highlight, of course...

I can’t speak for women, but most men are going to be in a good mood if you offer them a sandwich and oral sex for lunch. Even if they say no. It just feels good to be asked.

Though to be honest, the best parts of Adams' blog these days are his little Trump discussions. He's not a fan of Trump in the sense that if you forced him into a voting booth right now and put a gun to his head he'd probably vote for Rand Paul. But he's a huge fan of Trump in the sense that he admires how Trump is changing the narrative for his campaign every day and seemingly (but not seemingly) at a whim.

But you don't get any good lines about blowjobs and sandwiches.