University of British Columbia hates white people

The University of British Columbia is a pretty wacky place. It's an extremist far-left campus, in an extremist far-left city. The local MP is anti-Albertan enviro-fascist Joyce Murray, for crying out loud. This woman loves taxes like she's in a porn waiting for a hot sticky shot of taxes to the face -- until her own sacred cows are hurt by it, then she wants bicycles and related accessories to be exempt from the GST.

So anyways, the 4chan folks picked UBC as one of their targets in last week's White Student Council movement. UBC immediately denounced them, which is odd seeing how they claim to love diversity so much that they deliberately deny talented white people a berth at the University of British Columbia, and instead have inferior nonwhite students taking their place. Meanwhile if you're a fudge packer and want to live on UBC campus, they have special dorm room accommodations (read: sodomy-fuelled bathhouses).

So in that spirit, it's high time for all white conservatives at the University of British Columbia to stand up and turn the 4chan prank into a real movement. The logo, courtesy of the pathetic pansies at the UBC administration, is provided below.