The Alberta NDP have declared war on the family farm and all right-thinking Albertans.

Bill 6 extends workers compensation coverage, occupation health and safety rules and labour laws to all Alberta farms, regardless of size and regardless of whether or not the work being done on the farm is paid or unpaid. Bill 6 also allows farm workers to unionize.

So much for the family farm!

Of course, the people who will be the most affected by this bill — the farmers and ranchers — weren't adequately consulted about the legislation. But you know who was consulted? The Alberta Federation of Labour.
Back in June I posted a myriad of issues with the very concept of extending onerous health and safety legislation to family farms. Particularly, if the NDP didn't plan on modifying the definitions of labourers to exclude "volunteer" labour (ie. neighbours pooling together, or family members including children). Well guess what? They didn't. (Bonus comment by a CBCtard: "As a Safety Professional I can assure all that it isn't hard to put a safety program into place")

It's time to fight back. Third Edge of the Sword has recently trademarked a new motto when it comes to dealing with the leftwing extremists of Rachel Arab and Shiny Pony: Nothing is too extreme.

So what can you do? First, sign the Rebel.Media petition. Secondly, attend the STAND UP FOR ALBERTA rally in Red Deer on Sunday November 29th if you can. (If you can't, please continue to make public the fact that attendance at conservative rallies are subject to a multiplication factor). Thirdly, attend the rally against Bill 6 being held by radio station 790 840 CFCW on Monday November 30th, again remembering that for every protester on Monday another hundred have real jobs to go to.

Beyond that? Well, you can write your MLA. Make sure to write an actual physical letter, though (they don't care about emails). To make your letter count, there are three extra things to do. First, cc the NDP Minister of Agriculture Oneil Carlier and the Employment Minister Lori Sigurdson. Secondly, cc a member of the media, Lorne Gunter for example. This is something you can do electronically. (if you have a better/different example, please leave one in the comments). Finally, and this is important, cc the Wildrose Agriculture Critic Rick Strankman. You definitely can again send him an electronic mail message: Rick.Strankman@wildrose.ca. The letter to your MLA, the NDP Ag Minister, and the NDP Employment Minister however definitely must be written.

Tell them that you know Bill 6 is isn't about "keeping people safe": it's about control. It's about giving work to overbearing bureuacrats who lay awake at night crying that somewhere Alberta strong yeomen are living their lives free from their rule. Again, feel free to use my points from this blogpost, various real-life examples of how OHS regulations are inappropriate for a family farm This is important to look at, because most leftists defending the bill say "just read the bill", which merely makes changes to other legislation. Watch both Sheila Reid's and Ezra Levant's videos about what this legislation entails and why it must be stopped.

Bill 6 is a move to invade rural Alberta. The NDP will make every effort to destroy our way of life. They'll lie, they'll cheat, they won't stop until we stop them. Write your MLA, make sure the media and the opposition see you doing it.

Update 2:06pm: Wildrose NDP MLA Jason Nixon says that your emails to the Wildrose party about Bill 6 will be read out in the legislature. You can email Jason your copy of your letter to your MLA (I still advise you write a physical one and mail it Monday morning) at rimbey.rockymountainhouse.sundre@assembly.ab.ca