Edmonton photo radar operators deserve to be hit in the face with rocks

A true Albertan hero has fought back against the photo radar assholes who deserve 1000 times worse.
It was reported to police that a male suspect was heading west on the Whitemud on Wednesday, August 1 at around 12:40 p.m. when he allegedly threw a large rock at a photo radar vehicle parked on the medium.

The EPS says the rock hit the driver’s side panel and dented the door, causing more than $2,000 in damages.

Police believe the suspect vehicle was either a black or dark blue Pontiac Torrent. The vehicle did not have a licence plate on it at the time of the incident.
I've long been advising that, especially with the news that Edmonton's useless pissheads on City Council are planning to expand their freedom-hating assault on the liberty of drivers, all drivers should obscure their license plates.

Fortunately, corrupt Edmonton cops are all so clueless that in practice you can have no plate (or, better yet, an invalid one) for weeks or months without any danger of being caught.

What's annoying is that as more and more people are caught doing something that isn't dangerous and in fact keeps the roads moving and minimizing congestion, corrupt Edmonton cops are demanding more powers and more enforcement. Edmonton's top corrupt cop wants the power to impound vehicles when drivers are driving at the speed the road is capable of supporting, not the random number posted on the side of the road.

When cops and politicians have attitudes like that, then anybody who takes a job sitting in that photo radar van is an enemy of a free society, an enemy of liberty, an agent of a corrupt and out-of-control state.

They deserve rocks thrown at them every single day. Good work, whoever made sure that at least one of them paid for their disgusting role in the City of Edmonton's assault on drivers.