Coke Train

Raed Jaser, the Muslim terrorist who tried to derail a VIA Rail train, managed to convince a psychologist that he was just really really really into drugs.

Dr. Jess Ghannam is telling a Toronto court Jaser did not have any consistent radical Islamic ideology but conned people because he was desperate to stay high.

He also says Jaser is a good candidate for rehabilitation.
For those who forgot the case, that was Jaser's defense: that he was a con-man who was cleverly pretending to be a crazy Islamic terrorist interested in blowing things up in order to scam wealthy Egyptians of money. His disguise was improved by the fact that his accomplice refused to participate in the court and threatened the judge and jury with the wrath of his fake Islamic God.

At this point, Jaser's best defense is that he had to be on drugs if he thought it would be even remotely terror-ible to attack a VIA Rail train, seeing how nobody actually rides on them.