"What do we want?" "Darwaza hara jumerat kuthi tuahaade naal awanga bhai!" "When do we want it?" "Bhenchod soor fudi!"

This afternoon cab drivers protested in front of City Hall to complain about lax enforcement of Edmonton's ludicrous cab-monopoly-protecting bylaws.

iNews 880 featured a brief snippet of a talk from Balraj Manhas, President of the United Cabbies Association of Edmonton. I swear to all that is Holy, every single stereotypical Punjabi-speaking-English sterotype was covered in the dude's little radio talk. Is he really the most eloquent cabbie in the entire city? No wonder they never understand where to go or what freaky brand of credit card you are trying to use. ("What is this VISA?") This is their president! This is the closest to English any cab driver in Edmonton knows how to speak!