We Report, You Decide (how's that for a change of pace?)

Was notorious pig-farming prostitute killer Robert Pickton just the designated fall guy for the Hells Angels who really killed those women? That's the rumour I heard over the weekend. Here's what I was able to dig up on the subject:

Police recently busted a marijuana growing operation across the road from the farm in a Hells Angels party house. Willy Pickton and his brother Dave regularly partied with the Hells Angels. Gary Bigg says his girlfriend was frightened of them.

BIGG: She talked about a prostitution ring on a few occasions, but I couldn't get, it was like she would never, ever finish what she was saying because she would just start to cry and that. Then I would hold her.

MACINTYRE: But she definitely said there was Hells Angels there?

BIGG: Yes, definitely, and affiliates, and friends, right. I call it affiliates. She said friends. So friends of the Hells Angels that would party out there.
During the lengthy cross-examination conducted by Ritchie, Adam said that police examined two people they believed had Hell’s Angels connections.

The first was Lisa Yeles, who used to be married to "Blacky the biker".

The second was a man called Vickers who was associated with a well-known Downtown Eastside sex worker flophouse.

Adam said police ruled out any involvement between the pair and the alleged murders Pickton is being tried for.

Adams said police initially thought Vickers was a Hells Angels member but later learned that was a mistaken belief.
Holy hellhole, could there be any more similarities than this? Hells Angels
rape a stripper at a 'yard' on the edge of the city, in what appears to be
a car salvage/chop shop shed, and threaten to mulch her alive and feed her to pigs:

Port Coquitlam, B.C., Canada? No. Melbourne, Australia!

Check this out, The media always refers to these Pickton guys as pig farmers, yokels etc. They are apparently ignoring and
downplaying the biker and organized crime aspect to these murders.
He talked about the freedom he had to wander around the farm, providing he "had a reason". Since Chubb had no real experience in mechanics, he frequently asked Pickton to help him. One of the truckers suggested to Dave Pickton that he should transform the old horse barn on Burns Road into "Piggy's Palace."

The men cleaned out the hay and manure, pressure washed it and, with materials brought in from the demolition business, built a stage and dance floor, installed coolers, beer taps, stoves, ovens and everything else a pub required. It would hold a capacity crowd of 750 people.

According to Chubb, who worked the door as a bouncer, there were never any "patch" or "color" wearing members of the Hell's Angels in attendance. However, he did admit the Mayor of Port Coquitlam came to the "Palace" one night.

Dave Pickton would throw parties for New Year's Eve, Easter, Valentine's Day and other holidays, putting up advertising flyers in laundromats and would bring the pigs for roasting. His behavior at these parties would be cordial to a few of the men he knew.

RCMP Insp. Don Adam, the lead investigator, testified about the police interrogation of Robert (Willie) Pickton that took place Feb. 23, 2002, a day after he was arrested and charged with two murders of missing women. One of the themes police used during Pickton's interrogation was that he was going to be seen in prison as a famous serial killer. Adam recalled Pickton had the "upper hand" during the police interview because "he's got the information I want."


Adam admitted that police investigated other suspects for the missing women murders, including an explosive tip that a Hells Angels member was involved. Adam said Pickton denied the Hells Angels or his brother, Dave Pickton, were involved.


When the trial opened Jan. 22, Pickton admitted the six women listed on the indictment are dead and their partial remains were found on his farm, but he denied killing them. Pickton's lawyer asked Monday about three other people who were arrested and questioned about the murders, including two women, one of whom was a friend of Pickton's.