I bet she called during the supper hour too

A prostitute in North Carolina broke into an apartment and demanded sex from three men.

Nicole Scarpone forced her way into the house and ordered the men pay her $10 for sex.

Although she had previously been to the house in a business capacity, Nicole was promptly arrested for using “aggressive prostitution tactics”.

Scarpone’s arrest affidavit said she had: “Been to the property before and performed sexual acts, but was not invited over there on the night in question – she had showed up to make some quick money.”

After banging on the door of the apartment, she Nicole forced her way in and told the men present they owed her $100 before offering them sex for $10.

I don't know whats worse, that these pushy tele-diveinthedark-eters are getting out of hand, or that under Canada's National Do-Not-Call-Girl List (DNCG), she's still allowed to barge in because they were already "in a business relationship" with her.

There's only one thing I'm left wondering. Uh, did they take it? $10 on a $100 tab? If you go to the Keg after dine-and-dashing and they tell you that you owe them a Borden, but if you pay it plus another ten bucks you can eat again, go for it!