Barack Obama, meet Mazen Yassin Hashem

A local self-employed plumber was hit with a $40,100 fine after he was found guilty of tax evasion yesterday.

Wow, really? That's a lot of cannoli. How much was he evading?

Mazen Yassin Hashem, owner of A.B.A. Plumbing, pleaded guilty in a provincial court to failing to report an income of $197,421 from 2002 to 2004, says the Canada Revenue Agency. Court heard Hashem also didn't report income from rental properties he owned. The total federal tax evaded was $45,614 and $7,850 for GST.
Now it seems from this story that the $197,421 doesn't include the rental property income, and is assumably only from his self-employed plumbing business. I believe that is an error, and that the 200 grand figure includes the rental properties: add on another few G's to that income and $45,614 looks a little low as a tax bill in that income bracket (though I'm sure he is entitled to a deduction or two)

Though it is possible that the income is solely from the plumbing business. Now why does that ring some bells?
"I don't know any plumbers who make $250,000 a year"
-Barack Obama
It sure looks like plumbers can make pretty close to a quarter million. And if you're a taxpayer Hashem (rather than the tax evading Hashem), and you're making $197,421 a year, and you live in a jurisdiction where the new President has promised to tax the hell out of people making $250,000, what's your motivation to expand your business? Would you do as Joe Wurzlewhateverhisnameis thought, decide against buying out a company that would put you over the limit? Or would you decide to go on the lam and not pay taxes as Mazen Hashem did?

The big question, that President Monkey (and to his own extent, McCain) couldn't answer: what happens to an economy when 300,000,000 people every tax-time start pondering decisions like this?