Mike Hudema hates Alberta and should be deported

Greenpeace has launched a scathing travel website vilifying the province for new “tourist attractions” created by tarsands.

Toxic lakes, cleared forests and black sand beaches are among the sites visitors can expect to find in Wild Rose Country, charges TravellingAlberta.com, which went live today.

I won't link to the site, but I will remind you all that former UofA Students Union President Hudema is a grade A asshole who hates Alberta, hates actual Albertan residents, and is a giantly contemptible human being.

Does any other country want to take this useless wanker? Or do we just need to set him adrift on an ice floe?


Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't think you clearly understand the world. It's good to have people like Mike Hudema creating awareness of the environment and various other causes my only question is what part of the Alberta population is he trying to spread he message to? Let's face it, Alberta is a hick province where people only start to care about something when it affects them personnally (not in my backyard). Martha and Henry Albertan could care less about the environment or any other cause unless something happens (tornado, power line, toxic slug) to them personnally. So, instead of trying to be in people's faces and trying to create awareness shouldn't Mike and Greeenpeace's strategy instead be a little more subtle. It's kind like a commercial or tv show. If the commercial or tv show comes off being loud and abbrasive (which Martha and Henry Albertan feel about Mike and Greenpeace) they will tune out and make some ignorant comment like he's crazy, dumb ass, what a goof etc. However, if the commercial or tv show is more subtle then people will be more inclined to tune in to the message.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

I frankly think its hilarious that this comment came on the same day at Hudema was kicked out of China by his communist buddies.

Let's face it, Alberta is a hick province where people only start to care about something when it affects them personnally

This is a curious one: so people should care about Hudema's enviromentalist fantasies even though they won't actually be affected by them?

Anonymous said...

The cold war Russians coined Green Peace as "USEFULL FOOLS" ! Shell used this intellectual alley unknowingly in dealing with them.
We need those who show us what we are eating could be unhealthy for us through our shit ; which our parents probably told us already. But the real heroes are those who spend countless hours finding solutions ! Not your favorite musician or sports hero or other superficial hemoroid.
Easy to find flaws ; harder to find solutions with little fame or reward.
You have a strong brain Mike . Show us it was worth the investment of your parents and change the world for the better . Make us proud to claim you as a canadian !
Like Norman Bethune.