Now celebrating "00" days without getting called into the office

I apologize of sorts for the number of personal postings lately. While this isn't supposed to be some antiseptic news blog, it also isn't supposed to be the LiveJournal blog of a 15 year old girl either.

After a brief and fiery meeting in the General Manager's office that didn't involve me saying much of anything, I was left with an ultimatum that the next time I say something that offends anybody (even if they overhear me telling somebody else) then I will be looking for new work. Since I think anybody who's read more than 3 words on this blog realizes how impossible that might be, I have taken it upon myself to start looking for new work. Anybody who knows somebody interested in hiring a B.Sc. Physics holder anywhere on the planet, feel free to leave a comment in this posting.

Its not that I like my job, or that I'm really getting paid much, but I would like to leave it on my own terms rather than get fired and have years of work basically banished from my resume. More details as they become presented.

Now I'll try to get to a few non-personal things just to keep things fresh. First the news that DVD is dead as far as the industry is concerned. We just finish buying them, and now they want to replace them. Screw you, buddy! Slashdot has some more feedback on the subject.

Small Dead Animals gives us her take on another Liberal scandal. The best response I can make to this is courtesy of Dwayne Johnson: IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW MANY SCANDALS THE LIBERALS HAVE. Ontarians vote for them anyways! [its why we hates them, my precious; ed]

Colby Cosh is branching out, creating an Election 2006 Blog at the Macleans website. One wonders if he gets to hold the copyright on his postings, or whether come April '07 nobody will ever be able to read it again.

Conservative MP Peter Goldring is in hot water for comments that piss off people regarding his hope that the hookers on 118th Ave can be moved elsewhere. Naturally the article has to include this phrase: "But NDP candidate Arlene Chapman said the problem has its roots in poverty." There are two comments to make on this: one is that the problem's "roots in poverty" isn't all that pronounced. I'm not saying we're dealing with high class whores here, but let's be honest, its not the poor people in the 118th Ave area who are getting these hookers. Its people from the richer parts of the city who drive in. The prostitutes are around the poor areas because they either are poor (well, they're all poor, even the high-class ones, but I'm saying their own poverty is why they work near the home) or because the rich areas where their clientele are from also include way too many bluebloods looking to call the police and/or the city and deal with the problem. Chapman is the former head of a battered women advocacy group, so she's probably just spewing her own biased nonsense here. A radical feminist like her isn't too keen on blaming the problem on anybody but some anonymous men out there. The best part in my mind about the story is the identity of the NDP candidate: its not Janina Strudwick, perpetual defeatist candidate.

I didn't get to post it at the time, but here's Ann Coulters column about the bullshit "Kwanzaa" holiday just in time for Ukrainian (Orthodox) Christmas Eve.

Billy Crystal checks into his hotels as "Donald Rumsfeld". This amusing and secret anecdote was only slightly spoiled by the fact that on CarpetMunching DeGeneres's show today Crystal himself told the story, but mentioned he uses a different fake name in each hotel, and that only in Toronto did he use Rumsfeld (likely assuming less people would really catch on -- he'd have been better off using Deputy PM Anne McLellan's name -- likely nobody in Toronto knows who SHE is).

Eugene Plawiuk is being slightly insane again this week talking about the NDP winning Edmonton-Strathcona from popular incumbant (and former drinking companion of yours truely) Rahim Jaffer. While Eugene's own claims are as funny as anything this socialist wackjob could ever come up with (Rahim a clown? Unproductive for the riding? Do people really get upset when opposition MPs can't secure their constituencies with Canoe Museums?) the biggest laugh is the note that dangerous ideologue and endorser of world dictators, Dr. Evil himself happens to be the MLA in the provincial riding of the same name, and this should bear some note. The problem is that Euguene/Raj's little band of subsidized leeches that make up most of the UofA's Arts Faculty and most of the NDP's delusioned voting base aren't a large enough proportion of people in the federal Strathcona riding to prop the NDP up by such a margin. The ridings may be the same name, and both include the trend-following hippies of Whyte Avenue, but that's where the similarity ends. Rahim will cake-walk through this riding like Svend Robinson's flaccid old-man penis through the rectum of underage Cuban boys.

Courtesy of Fark.com:
- Jessica Alba in a bikini. If this doesn't convert those Brokeback Mountain queers, I dunno what will.
- Lawyers are fighting tooth and nail to avoid having to be barred (disbarred??) from having sex with clients. "We are not scum. Really" an advocate may have said.
- Chicago is the fattest city in the U.S. with Baltimore as the fittest. Well, by "fittest" they might mean Honolulu or San Fransisco instead. They all agree Chicago is the land of fat asses though.
- Cold Beer sales might be banned. This is really a dumb idea. Of course, all liquor laws are dumb ideas at the heart of it. Is the "magical fire-water" really so hard to deal with? I mean, c'mon! I'm drinking right now! Look for a long future rant from me on this topic later. From the article:
"Last year, a fourth-grade class from Kansas City submitted a proposal to make the American bullfrog the state amphibian. It passed in the final moments of the 2005 legislative session.

Alter said the jump from naming state animals to restricting how alcohol can be purchased didn't really surprise him.

"You never know what's on the mind of young kids - some of them are pretty smart," he said.

Of course, sometimes they have really dumb ideas too. I mean, maybe next year we should agree to fly F-18 escorts for Santa Claus, rather than just claim we do. Kids like that idea too. Of course, the real dumb ideas come from adults like this Alter moron: listening to the legislative desires of pre-teens.
- I really hate this guy

Goodnight everybody!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. Euguene Plawiuk is indeed the biggest idiot around. He claims to be a writer, but can't write (look at his English - it must be his second language). He can't read either - Euguene Plawiuk is functionally illiterate, i.e., he looks at text, but can't comprehend it.

You are so right: Eugene Plawiuk is a whackjob, and I and others have already contacted the various organizations he mentions in the banner of his site. One of them is already defunct (one he, oddly enough, helped to found!!!! That says it all about Eugene Plawiuk), but the others will hopefully disown him.

Eguene Plawiuk also recently confessed on his blog to being a pedophile, but that statement is no longer there. But his site is so weird. Norton always kicks into action when I try to access his site, because he's got some weird stuff in there.

Bottom line: Eugene Plawiuk is an idiot and retard who should be institutionalized.